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Fashion licensing is a very important aspect of our industry. In summary, a license is "an authorization to use licensed material".   An example would be a designers name or brand name.  Another example would be design elements such as fictional characters, print patterns, etc.  A license is an official permission or permit to do, use, or own something. A license may be granted by a party to another party as an element of an agreement between those parties.

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What is fashion licensing?

According to, "In some cases a fashion label may exist only as a license, even the main "core" apparel categories are licensed to third parties for manufacturing, marketing and distribution. The designer or brand owner is responsible for creating the design direction and the marketing umbrella that defines the brand's appeal.  In most other cases, however, the designer or brand owner creates, markets and manufactures specific core categories, and uses licensing as a way of extending the brand into tangential areas such as other apparel areas (i.e. outerwear or intimate apparel), accessories (i.e. belts, headwear, watches, luggage and footwear), fragrances and beauty products, or home fashions.  Fashion licensing is meant to be invisible to the consumer, who is not to even consider that a third party licensee is making the products that carry the designer's name. Of course, in a well-executed, tightly run licensing program, the brand owner maintains strict control over design and quality, and the licensee manufactures and the agreed upon specifications, so the brand image is seamlessly maintained."

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The guide that you will find below is relevant to art licensing, character licensing, collegiate licensing, music licensing, sports licensing, trademark licensing, and most importantly how these all relate to fashion licensing.  The Apparel Search guide presents information about companies and services that assist the garment industry with the utilization of the above mentioned categories.  Our goal is to help you learn best practices regarding how to utilize intellectual properties on clothing and accessories.

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fashion directory  Design Plus  Design Plus offers the apparel industry the following services: - Licensing Strategy - Evaluation and Acquisition of Licenses - Design and Creative Merchandising - Representation at Licensing Show - Retail Presentation.   Headquartered in Atlanta with associates worldwide, is a full service, licensing boutique specializing in brand building, product development and business strategy. Design Plus has operated internationally since 1983. Having entered the USA market ten years ago, Design Plus offers creative solutions and specialized consulting services to brand owners, manufacturers, inventors and young entrepreneurs alike. Address: 315 Ledgemont Court. Atlanta GA 30342 Tel: 404-847-7273 Fax: 404-847-7143 or  Contact: Carol Janet.

fashion directory  Fashion Licensing News: this link will take you to the fashion licensing news section of the fashion newspaper.  In that section, you will find news regarding licensing companies and licensed brands of apparel and fashion accessories.

fashion directory  License (part of Advanstar Global Licensing): a leading forum where manufacturers, property owners, and retailers connect to strategize merchandising, promotions, and exclusives; evaluate product and sales performance; and explore co-branding opportunities and brand extensions.  They provide an online and print magazine for the licensing industry.

fashion directory  Licensing International (part of Advanstar Global Licensing): Trade show for the licensing industry.  It is one of the only global marketplace dedicated to bringing together the entire licensing community under one roof, at one time each year.

fashion directory  LIMA (Licensing Industry Merchandiser's Association)

If your business is relevant to fashion licensing, you are welcome to post thoughts or questions regarding licenses, licensees, or licensors.  Please keep your discussion relevant to licensing of clothing or fashion accessories only.  This may include clothes, footwear, handbags, jewelry, or any other product that would fall under the umbrella of the fashion industry.  The licensing of designer fashion names and brands into such categories as apparel, fashion accessories, health & beauty products is an important aspect of the apparel business.  Let's discuss the various aspects of licensed brands, characters, and trademarks.

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Trademark and Brand Licensing:
A licensor may grant permission to a licensee to distribute products under a trademark. With such a license, the licensee may use the trademark without fear of a claim of trademark infringement by the licensor. 

Artwork and Character Licensing:
A licensor may grant a permission to a licensee to copy and distribute copyrighted works such as "art" (e.g., Vincent van Gogh painting "Les Iris 1890") and characters (e.g., Donald Duck). With such license, a licensee need not fear a claim of copyright infringement brought by the licensor.

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You can search for additional information about licensing apparel at our other clothing industry website called Clothing B2B.  From that site you can search for licensed apparel, licensing companies, brand name fashion and more.

Fashion licensing agreements set out the terms under which one party can use property owned by another party. The property involved in a licensing agreement can be real, personal or intellectual, but licensing agreements are most often used for intellectual property.  If you need to know more about agreements, consult with experts on the subject.  Possibly an agency or a lawyer that specializes in licensing agreements.

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Fashion licensing is an increasingly popular way for fashion designers, brands, and retailers to increase their reach and profits. By allowing other companies to license their designs, fashion companies can get their products into more stores and onto more consumers, while also earning additional royalties.

Fashion licensing is a contractual agreement between a fashion company and a licensee. The licensee typically pays the fashion company an upfront fee and/or ongoing royalties in exchange for the right to use the fashion company’s designs. The licensee can then use the designs to make and sell products such as clothing, accessories, and other fashion items.

Fashion licensing can be a great way for a fashion company to expand its reach and revenue. By licensing its designs to other companies, the fashion company can get its products into more stores and onto more consumers. The licensee may also be able to provide access to different markets and distribution channels that the fashion company wouldn’t be able to access on its own.

Additionally, fashion licensing can offer a steady stream of revenue. The fashion company will typically receive an upfront fee and/or ongoing royalties from the licensee. This can be a great way for the fashion company to supplement its income while reducing its risk.

When considering fashion licensing, fashion companies should be sure to consider all the potential risks and rewards of the agreement. They should also make sure to choose a licensee that is a good fit for their brand and will be able to properly represent and promote their designs.

Overall, fashion licensing can be a great way for fashion companies to expand their reach and increase their revenue. By carefully selecting their licensee and considering all the potential risks and rewards, fashion companies can make the most of their licensing agreement and ensure the success of their brand.

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