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Counterpoint Suite (Vistex): Leading rights and royalty management software.  The Counterpoint Suite provides specialized solutions to administer rights and royalty processes critical for the Music, Media and Licensing industries. To effectively manage large amounts of data (business assets), including content, digital media, and IP, a robust and flexible solution is required.  Vistex offers software that provides businesses with the ability to effectively manage, automate and simplify processes and ensure that all monies due or owed are properly administered.  They also have License Maestro which is an end-to-end software solution that facilitates all aspects of ... royalty processing, reporting, sub ledger accounting, financial management.

Dependable Solutions, Inc. (DSI) offers a portfolio of software applications that automate contract management, financial, royalty and creative operations through web-based solutions for licensors, agents and licensees. In just ten years, DSI has quickly become the #1 solution vendor for your automated licensing, approval and financial compliance processes.  DSI has over 100 years of combined experience in royalties and licensing systems, creative and enterprise level software development.  Best in class licensing industry experts on staff to help clients interpret contract information, setup rights and product structures, build royalty formulas and review and improve business processes.  Dependable Rights Manager (DRM) solution is implemented into more than 50 licensing organizations across eight countries around the world. DSI customers operate in a dynamic set of market verticals, including Sports, Entertainment, Corporate Brands, Fashion Industry, Celebrity Likenesses, Video Games and Characters.

ProofTrak™ online image approval system.  CTI Solutions has defined the New Generation of Web Based Product Approval Software.  This web based proofing system provides a unique uploader tool coupled with the Annotation Browser to increase efficiency while providing a digital record history of product concepts, prototypes, CAD drawings and final product marketing materials.  The system keeps users on-task and shortens the entire approval process.  CTI Solutions has provided Data Asset Management, Custom Catalogs, Order Entry Software as well as other solutions to the Footwear & Apparel industry since 2002. The result of adopting their software to the challenges confronted by the footwear and apparel industry has been improved productivity and reduced costs.  Their solutions are viewed as an investment rather than an expense item to these customers.

Meta Comet Systems: Managing the royalty obligations on your licensed intellectual property is time consuming and complex, and full of opportunities for error.  With the Royalty Tracker® system for Licensing you have the tools to simplify this process, maximizing your efficiency and improving control.   Licensing rights management software and royalty tracking software.

RoyaltyZone in the Fall of 2006, RoyaltyZone company founder Lou Ellman was looking for a software solution to help him grow his small licensing business.  He discovered a few commercial options, but they were way out of his budget, not web based, took months to implement, and did not allow licensors to easily share data and interact with their licensees.  From this, RoyaltyZone was born. The goal?  Provide an affordable, easy to implement, and easy to use web based software tool that enables licensors, agents, and licensees to manage license agreements, rights, products, invoices, and royalties with ease.

The Eclipse Royalty and Rights Management System  (ERRMS) combines software, services and ongoing support tailored specifically for organizations operating in the merchandizing, publishing and media and entertainment industries.  They are one of the only company worldwide to offer a complete royalty and rights management accounting solution specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with the Microsoft Dynamics™ GP (formerly Great Plains) product suite.  Established in 1987, we have delivered services and solutions to more than 2,000 organizations in 70+ countries around the world.  Their team of seasoned professionals have a wealth of practical experience which helps to ensure that their clients get the very best value from the investments they make in their business systems.  With offices in the UK, Netherlands and North America and in conjunction with a network of affiliated companies and longstanding business partners, they are able to deliver and support solutions to both domestic and international clients worldwide.

Royalty Worx gives you the tools to generate & send statements to your artists & licensors, accounting for digital downloads, streaming, licensing and physical sales royalties.  Royalty Worx is a cloud based accounting platform developed alongside some of the leading brands in the industry.  They give you unparalleled flexibility to manage all types of deal structures and account to your artists & licensors in an intuitive, streamlined way.