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Manufacturer - as you may already understand, clothing does not grow on trees.  The clothing, shoes, and fashion accessories that we all enjoy wearing have to be made by manufacturers.  In this section of our apparel industry directory you will find clothing factories, trim suppliers, sewing facilities, embroiderers, pattern makers, and more. 

Merchandising - someone has to design the clothing that you find in the stores.  It is not just the famous fashion designers that develop the garment from start to finish.  Their is an entire merchandising process involved with taking a concept and turning it into a finished garment.  Learn more in our fashion merchandising section.

Merchandise Marts - merchandising marts are places that buyers and sellers can meet face to face.  They are buildings, or portions of buildings where manufacturers or wholesalers can set up shop and display their merchandise to potential buyers.

Message Boards - when you are having difficultly it is important to talk it out.  Actually, even if you are not having difficulty, it is a good idea to converse with other people about the subjects you find interesting.  The message boards, forums, and social media website are an important way for members of the fashion industry to communicate with one another.

Modeling - fashion modeling is potentially my favorite aspect of the fashion industry.  Can you guess why?  Fashion magazines, fashion week events, and other relevant topics would fall flat on their face without the fine work of fashion models.  This aspect of the industry is extremely important.  In addition to the actual models, this side of the business has many other important people.  Keep in mind the photographers, stylists, magazine editors, etc.  They all play their role in defining the modeling business.

News - fashion news is fabulous and trendy.  Yup, if well written, new about the fashion industry can be extremely exciting.  Stay up to date on the latest apparel industry news from the fashion news section here on Apparel Search.  We will guide you to articles we have written for our own site and blog, and we will also help you find other news sources, PR companies, worthy events, and more.

Pattern Maker - pattern makers are the foundation of the garment.  It is hard to find a well produced garment that did not have a well informed pattern maker behind the scenes.  Learn more about the technical aspects of fashion including pattern making, markers, sample making, etc.

Popular Brands - popular fashion brands are all the rage this year, last year, and most likely next year as well.  Brand recognition is a very important aspect of the clothing industry.  Popular brand names are beyond critical.  Famous fashion designers and brands can sell a great deal of clothes, shoes, handbags, etc.

Production - do you need help producing clothing?  The production department may be able to assist you.  Possibly you need help finding a qualified factory to help you manufacture clothing.

Quality Testing - please do not make clothing that will fall apart at the seams.  Also, don't sell me clothing that is dirty or defective in anyway.  It is critically important that clothing factories produce high quality garments.  One way to make sure that the quality is sufficient is to conduct testing.  In this section of the Apparel Search website members of the industry can find testing labs, testing methods, etc.

Recycle - save the environment.  OK, we may not be able to completely save the environment, but we can do our best to help when ever it is possible.  One way to help would be to recycle.  Let's learn and discuss method to help recycle clothing, fabrics, trimming, etc.  The less waste the better.

Retailer - clothing stores are a great place to shop.  Yeah, no kidding.  This section of our guide will help you find boutiques, department stores, online shopping sites, etc.  Do you have a favorite clothing store?  Let us know if you have any favorites that are missing from our list of fine retailers.

Sales Reps - If you work in the garment industry you may need sales reps to help sell your product. 

Shipping - shipping, freight, and transportation relevant issues can be discovered in our shipping department section.  In this area of our site you can learn about freight forwarding, logistics, customs clearance, trade agreements, and more.  This section is relevant to the importing, exporting, and transportation of fabrics, clothes, footwear, and other related products.

Technology - fashion technology is hear to stay.  We started developing this section of Apparel Search a few decades ago and it has been in constant change ever since.  Fashion tech is continuously being improved.  Learn more about retail software, CAD systems for designers, website development for fashion companies, and more.

Trade Leads - matching companies with one another.  Some companies provide product and services and other companies are in need of products & services.  Trade leads helps put the two together.

Trade Shows - the trade shows are a place for buyers and sellers to meet face to face.  The apparel & textile industry has some of the greatest fashion trade show events on the planet.  Way more exciting than electronics or auto events.

Warehouse - the industry has to store product somewhere.  Find apparel warehouses around the country to store your companies products.

Wholesale - wholesalers are the go between factories and retailers.  Finding a qualified apparel wholesaler is very important for any retailer.  Not all wholesale fashion companies are created equal.  It is important to find a good resource.

World - the world of fashion is not set in one location.  It is truly a global industry.  This section of our website provides access to resources from around the globe.

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