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It is important for the textile industry, clothing industry, and consumers to help keep mother nature looking wonderful.

It is important for Clothing Manufacturers to be cautious not to waste materials or pollute in any way.

The Apparel Search Recycle section is intended to provide information regarding ENVIRONMENTAL issues that are relevant to the Apparel & Textile industries.   If you know of additional information or resources, please let us know.

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  A&E Clothing Corporation: A&E Clothing Corporation is conveniently located in Carteret, NJ, USA.  Close to New York (40 min) and Newark International Airport (20min).  They process used clothes collected from wealthy areas of New York, Maryland and New Jersey States and resell them in U.S. and worldwide.  They ship to Africa, South America, Europe and Asia.  Their products are sorted into more than 200 categories including premium and second quality apparel, shoes, handbags and more.  Clothes are graded, baled and packed into 20 or 40 ft. containers.  They take care of shipping and documentation.  Address 600 Federal Blvd, Carteret, NJ 07008 Phone 732 802 8100 4. E-mail  Contact: Jack Kluszczynski

  AYTAS AYAKKABI YAN SANAYII TICARET AS: AYTAS is a company which produces reclaimed leather (Salpa), ESP for shoe, bags, belts, bags, belts and chair industry. Factories capacity is 10000 TPA. Address: Ipkas Sanayii Sitesi 5.BLOK NO:37/39 IKITELLI Istanbul Turkey Phone: +90 212 549 87 81 or +90 212 549 87 82 Fax: +90 212 549 87 83 Email: Contact: Mehmet Ersenkal

  Cullingworth Summers & Co Ltd (United Kingdom): Cullingworth Summers & Co Ltd are sorters and recyclers of wool sweaters.  They make 40 standard colours which they then pull back in to fibre suitable for spinning on the woollen system and felt manufacturing.  Address: Syke Ing Mills, Syke Lane Dewsbury WF12 8HX  UK  Phone:   44 1924 488766 or  44 1924 472335  Fax:   44 1924 488835  Email: 

  Department of Environmental Protection (New Jersey): recycling

  Ecoweave: apparel produced from recycled cotton fabrics. if you need to do some shopping.  This is an environment friendly online shop.

  Jimtex yarns (USA): Jimitex is a U.S. manufacturer exclusively dedicated to producing recycled open-end predominately cotton-blend yarns for apparel, upholstery and crafts.  The cotton component is made from recycling pre-dyed and bleached cotton clippings, which are then blended with acrylic or polyester fiber.  Jimtex makes all its yarn in the U.S. and ships yarn World-Wide. Jimtex yarns is affiliated with Martex fiber Southern Corp., a leading recycler of textile waste and manufacturer of industrial fiber products.  Address: 1022 Mc Cormick Highway Lincolnton, GA 30817 Phone (706) 359-4380 Fax (706) 359-4464  sales office: Harry Matusow, Vice President Phone (215) 928-1767  Fax (215) 928-0195

  Masanet Fibres S.L (Spain): they are looking for, white cotton knit clips.  Unbleached cotton threads waste.  Pneumafils, Rovings and slivers in cotton and cotton syntetic.  Acetate Filaments waste.  Nylon, Polyester and Rayon Tyre Cords. PSF. ASF. VSF.  Address:  Azorn, 9 Alcoy, Alicante 03802 Spain  Phone:  34 96 652 14 05 or 34 96 65214 05  Fax:  34 96 533 37 37  Email:   Contact:  Francisco Masanet

  Material Exchange Web Sites: Directory compiled by U.S. Department of Energy.

  Patagonia: environmentally concious producers of quality outdoor clothing.

  Point Beach Outdoors

  PremierSolutions, Inc.: Specializes in closed-loop technologies (80%-90%) for wastewater treatment in the apparel and textile industry.   They provide complete process engineering from the initial evaluation stage through the installation and startup of customized processes. Portfolio of technologies include: Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF), Fixed-film biological systems, and filtration technologies.  Their services include: process evaluation & optimization, process design (Chemical, biological, adsorption and membrane processes) and filtration technologies. They have done several large installations at several large USA companies apparel manufacturing facilities in the USA, South America and Middle East.   Phone: (304) 562-3360 Fax: (304) 562-3545 Email:   Contact: Mansour Mashayekhi

  Progressive Bag Affiliates The Progressive Bag Affiliates of the American Chemistry Council promotes the responsible use and recycling of plastic bags. The PBA recycling toolkit is being used by retailers around the nation as a reference for determining the best ways to deploy effective recycling solutions in stores.

  P.T. Segoro Eco Mulyo: (Indonesia)  recycles textile waste to manufacture spinnable fiber

  PT Sarana Multiniaga Pratama (Indonesia): They are distributor for non chemical water treatment equipment which outclassed any similar products known.  This unit works electronically to prevent scales, algae and corrosive as well as descale.  It runs power supply at 6-8 micro amp and works 24 hours a day disregard of flows.  Thousands hv bn sold world wide to protect chiller, heat exchanger boilers and any equipments which is treated with water.  Save moneys on chemical, save your environment and most of all avoid stoppages of your equipments.  They offer money back guarantees at no obligations at all. Address:  Jln.Prof.Dr.Ir. Sedyatmo, Wisma Soewarna 2E  Jakarta Indonesia  Phone:  62-21-5583858  Fax:   62-21-5522406  Email:  Contact:    Henry Lheman, Managing Director

  Recyclers World (textile / leather section)

  Resails: clothing produced from the fabric of old sails.

  Sort & Export Company: they sell used clothing from the USA to other countries.

  Sustain: That's what makes it different from current recycling. Recycling turns the scrap into some cheap filler. Regeneration makes usable yarn. Contact: Ted Fox,

  Zen Engineering (India): they are a leading company in the field of Water and Waste water Treament designing and equipment supply.  They design and supply turnkey projects for Cleaning Source Water of Undesired Chemicals and Minerals, waste water of undesired Minerals and Chemicals  Address:  2, Om Anand Ind. est. Raghunath Nagar Thane [West] 400604 India Phone: 91- 22- 5836712  Fax:  91-22-5408648  Email:   Contact:  Parimal Pajankar [Director]

Pollution Prevention for the dry / wet cleaning industry, click here.

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