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fashion directory  Ersfeld Again (Germany): they start 1991 with that "recycling", they belonged to the pioneers of this still young sector of the economy. Today, more than ten years later, they are still leading in many areas of the recycling management.  The recycling-costs for coat-hangers are by far more favorable than the purchase of new hangers. Depending on application or transport.

fashion directory  Hangers Unlimited: wholesaler of clothing hangers.  They have been selling recycled Vics hangers for over 5 years. Shipping locations include, Los Angeles, Dallas, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Secaucus. They also manufacture new Vics hangers in Los Angeles and in New Jersey. Address: 126 S. 2nd Street Milwaukee Wisconsin 53204 usa Phone: 800-558-5525 Fax: 414-276-3336 Email: Contact: Gary Stein President

fashion directory  Mainetti Reuse & Recycling: Mainetti pioneered hanger recycling on behalf of its customers in the late 1960's and has managed reuse programs for many of its customers from the mid 1980's. Today, they operate extensive reuse programs in Europe and the United States of America and redistribute hangers for reintroduction into the supply chain through their global network of companies.

fashion directory  Visconti Garment Hangers / Hangerman Recyclers: In addition to manufacturing hangers, they now recycle and resort VICS hangers.  They do so at 3 resort facilities across the country under their sister company's name, Hangerman Recyclers.  Once the bad is culled from the good, they repackage the good and sell it at prices less than what new hangers would cost.  Address: 1495 Rymco Dr., Suite 205  Winston-Salem, North Carolina  27103  USA  Phone:  336 681-1181  Fax: 336 659-1583 E-mail:   Contact: Carl Stevens, Director Sales

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