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What is a garment hanger?  First of all, do you understand what the word garment means?  If yes, you should already have a good understanding of the meaning of "garment hanger".  Essentially, a garment hanger is a hanger that is used to hang garments.  In other words, a clothing hanger or clothes hanger.
There are many varieties of garment hangers.  Hangers are typically categories by the type of clothing that goes on the hanger.  For example, hanger manufacturers produce pant hangers, shirt hangers, coat hangers, skirt hangers etc.  In addition, garment hangers are categorized by the material used to produce the hanger.  For example, you can purchase wood hangers, plastic hangers, wire hangers, etc.
If you are in the fashion industry, you have several options regarding the purchase of clothes hangers.  You can buy them from hanger factories, hanger distributors, or jobbers.  As a consumer, you can purchase clothes hangers from hanger stores.
When ordering hangers for product to be sold at retail, you should find out from your buyer if they require size clips (sizers).  The sizers are typically attached to the hanger so that consumers can easily identify the garments size with out having to search for the care label
Be careful to consult with your buyer to make certain that you are ordering the proper hanger and the proper sizer.  The clothing retailers generally have very specific guidelines.  Many stores also have designated hanger suppliers.  This means you must order from the hanger supplier they request (not just any supplier).  If you must use a designated supplier, we have almost zero room to negotiate pricing with the hanger supplier.  That is a head ache, but we will leave that for another discussion...
Make sure to use the proper garment hanger or you will be faced with a charge back from your buyer.

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