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Plastic Clothing Hangers  AND Plastik (Turkey) : AND Plastik is producing high-quality plastic hangers for garment industry. Their production facilities are located in Turkey, Jordan and Israel. As licensee of the Uniplast Industries, the U.S. based company, they produced approved hangers for major department stores in the United States and garment manufacturers, such as Wal-Mart, Sears, Federated, Burlington, Liz Claiborne, Jones Apparel Group, VF, GV and many others. If you export your garment to the U.S market, they are the right place for you!  Address : Gurpinar Adnan Kahveci Mh., Mehmetcik Cd., Cukurbostan Mevkii, B. Cekmece, Istanbul, Turkey Phone : +90 212 855 7334 Fax : +90 212 855 7338 E-mail :  Contact  : Marat

  Bakplast A. : They are one of the biggest plastic injection manufacturing company in Izmir - Turkey since 1980.  They  produce mainly plastic hangers, toilet seats, bucket and cutlery ( Forks, Spoons and Knives )in their 8000 sqm. closed area factory building.  They have branch offices in Ankara and in Istanbul.  They also have our own mold shop.  E-mail:

  Beverly Coat Hanger Co., Inc. Beverly Coat Hanger Co., Inc. is one of the industries preeminent producer of wooden garment hangers since 1915.  Their leadership has been achieved and is maintained through their ability to consistently provide their customers with the absolute finest quality product and by their ability to successfully support their customers with punctual delivery, innovative design and outstanding customer service. Their unwavering product quality is derived from continuous investment in modern state of the art equipment and their retention of highly skilled craft personnel. Their prestigious clientele require flawless quality, and that is exactly what they deliver.  Address: 1215 Fairfax Avenue San Francisco, CA 94124 Phone# 415-550-0105 Fax# 415-550-6405 E-mail:  Contact: Veronica Oropeza

  B&G Plastics : They produce hook riders & hangers for the clothing and fashion accessories industry.  With top-level facilities in New Jersey, China, India, Vietnam, Mexico and Cambodia they are able to blend quality production and engineering with innovative design. Address: 37 Empire Street  Newark, NJ 07114-1409  Phone # (973) 824-9220  Fax # (973) 824-2221

  Excelsior Trading & Mfg. Co.: They are in this field since 1971 and are well experienced to 
answer buyer's queries.  Kindly contact them for further information. Address:  212 A, A-Z Industrial Estate, G.K.Marg, Lower Parel,  Mumbai India  400013. Phone: +91-22-4927444 or  +91-22-4914715  Fax: +91-22-4963773  Email:   Contact: Mr A Thakur

  Guilin Jason Bamboo & Wooden Product Ltd. : Guilin Jason Bamboo & Wooden Product Ltd. Is located in Guilin---well known for its beautiful sceneries in the world.  It was formed in 1999, and it manufactures house & sports ware, especially for various kinds of hangers. Their focus is the customer and quality.  Based on high quality of their product, most competitive price and their good service for several years. Their capability raises to more than 15 million hangers with 8 hundred various kinds of items per year. Their main markets are Europe, Northern America, Eastern Asia and Oceania . They are the private enterprise and they obtained the exporting license in June 2004. So, they can export & ship independently.  If you are interested in our business proposal, please don't hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience. . By the way, they welcome all kinds of OEM projects and custom- designs.   Address: No.33, Xicheng road, Guilin, Guangxi, China 541002  Phone 86-773-2156033 fax 86-773-2825093E-mail:  or  Contact : Mr. Henry Yi

Hangers PLUS with headquarters in Coopersville MI. Hangers PLUS has an extensive line of products and as a member of VICS. They offer a complete line of products that meet and exceed the VICS standards, serving multiple locations. They own their own facilities and manufacture the products that they sell. They are approved hanger supplier for several clothing stores.  They provide tops hangers, bottoms hangers, outerwear hangers, suit hangers, intimates hangers and accessories.

  Mainetti : In the early 1950's, Marzotto recognized the need for ready-made suits, naturally requiring the use of clothes hangers, which at the time were all made of wood. Mario Mainetti worked for a plastics company and together with Romeo conceptualized producing high quality, ergonomically designed, plastic hangers which would present garments better than bulky and expensive wooden hangers. Through theirr network of companies there is always a Mainetti company close at hand providing the same quality, reliability, service and value for money.

  Taykon  Taykon Plastics & Hanger Industries Trading Co.'s present inventory has more than 100 various plastic coat hangers but it is constantly increasing with the completion of new moulds. Taykon's product development department are always working on designing new moulds concerning garment hangers production. The dress hangers designed by Taykon now are supported by patent and useful design patent application.

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In this fashion industry directory you will find links and information about international clothing hanger companies.  If you are sourcing hangers for your garments, you can find the appropriate factory here...

Plastic hanger factories are industrial facilities dedicated to the manufacturing of plastic hangers, the essential household and retail items used for hanging and organizing clothing. These factories play a significant role in the production and distribution of hangers worldwide.

Here's a description of what you might find in a typical plastic hanger factory:

1. Raw Material Handling: The manufacturing process begins with the handling of raw materials, which are typically high-quality thermoplastic polymers like polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE). These materials arrive at the factory in various forms, such as pellets or resin.

2. Injection Molding Machines: Injection molding is the most common method used to produce plastic hangers. The factory is equipped with a range of injection molding machines of different sizes and capacities. These machines melt the plastic material and inject it into molds to create hanger shapes.

3. Mold Design and Fabrication: Skilled mold designers and fabricators create the molds required for shaping the plastic into hangers. These molds are essential for achieving the desired hanger design and specifications.

4. Quality Control: Quality control is a crucial aspect of the manufacturing process. The factory employs quality control inspectors to ensure that the hangers meet specific standards for durability, weight capacity, and aesthetic appeal. Defective hangers are removed from production.

5. Automation and Assembly Lines: Many modern plastic hanger factories utilize automated assembly lines to increase production efficiency. These lines involve the automatic extraction of molded hangers from the molds, trimming excess plastic, and attaching any additional components, such as swivel hooks or notches for straps.

6. Coloring and Customization: Plastic hangers can come in a variety of colors, and the factory may have facilities for coloring the hangers as per customer requirements. Additionally, some factories offer customization options like embossing or branding with logos.

7. Packaging: Once the hangers are manufactured, they go through a packaging process. Hangers are typically packaged in bulk quantities, ready for shipment to retail stores or distribution centers.

8. Storage and Logistics: Finished hangers are stored in warehouses within the factory premises before being transported to customers or distribution centers. Efficient logistics and transportation management are essential for timely deliveries.

9. Sustainability Practices: In recent years, many plastic hanger factories have implemented sustainable practices to reduce their environmental footprint. This may include recycling or reusing plastic waste, optimizing energy consumption, or adopting more eco-friendly materials.

10. Compliance and Standards: To operate efficiently and meet global standards, plastic hanger factories must comply with various regulations, such as safety and environmental standards, and adhere to industry-specific quality certifications.

11. Research and Development: Some advanced factories invest in research and development to innovate and develop new hanger designs or materials that offer enhanced durability and eco-friendliness.

12. Skilled Workforce: A plastic hanger factory employs a diverse workforce, including machine operators, technicians, engineers, quality control inspectors, and administrative staff, all contributing to the smooth operation of the facility.

In conclusion, plastic hanger factories are industrial facilities dedicated to the mass production of plastic hangers used for organizing and displaying clothing. These factories rely on specialized machinery, skilled personnel, quality control measures, and efficient logistics to meet the global demand for plastic hangers in various industries, including retail, garment manufacturing, and hospitality.

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