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fashion directory  B&G Plastics
Address: 37 Empire Street  Newark, NJ 07114-1409 Phone # (973) 824-9220 Fax # (973) 824-2221 They produce hook riders & hangers.

fashion directory  Plasticmolds.ca (Canada): they offer  service as a mold maker for small, medium or large production molds witch can include logos. They make molds using standard mold base and you only need to make a special aluminum plate that can you make production over 1.000.000 pieces  Address: 11815 Ethier Montreal H1H 3H5 Canada Phone: (514) 325-1627 Email: info@plastimolds.ca Contact: Jose Laramanedi

fashion directory  Roberts PolyPro. Inc.: Manufacturer of plastic fixtures including insert hooks, J-hooks, and captive & slide-on hooks. In addition to our comprehensive range of innovative plastic components, Roberts PolyPro offers specialized insertion or application machinery.  Specialized machinery for the insertion or application of plastic fixtures, including Hook-in-Bag Applicators, Semi-Automatic Banding Machines, Fully-Automatic Banding Applicators, Fully-Automatic Thin Hosiery Banding Applicators. Address: 5416 Wyoming Avenue  Charlotte, NC 28273 USA  Phone: 704.588.1794 Email: nray@robertspolypro.com Contact: Naomi Ray, Sales Associate

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