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Apparel Search Fashion Industry b2b Directory for the clothing industryWe have decided to remove the full table of contents from the Apparel Search Directory.  In all honesty, it was way to large and served little value.  We have thousands of pages relevant to clothing, fashion, textiles, etc., and it is simply to crazy showing a full list of apparel links on one page.  Apparel Search has so many pages that the full table of contents that we had displayed really did not make it any easier to navigate our site.  Below you will find some of our most popular fashion industry categories.  From these points on Apparel Search, you can gain access to the world of fashion... Explore and enjoy.

Apparel Link - links to fashion industry portals and resources such as fashion industry business to business directories and guides.

Apparel Industry Associations - directory of associations and organizations that specialize in membership comprised of workers in the apparel, textile or related industries.

Clothing Buying Groups - the buying groups are also sometimes referred to as merchandising groups.  They assist specialty stores with group buying to lower pricing and they assist with product development and merchandising.

Fashion Calendar - a fashion calendar is an events management method to help guide to you finding the events that you want to see.  Apparel Search has our own events calendar, but we also refer you to other fashion industry calendars so that you can find more events (as we do not currently list all events; this may change in the future).  Anyway, you can use the fashion calendar resources to locate the dates and locations of fashion week events, trade shoes etc.

Care Labels - care labels are on every garment that enters or is produced in the United States.  The care label is also referred to as a care and content label, washing instruction label or simply a content label.  The Apparel Search Care Label section provides resources for you to learn about the care symbols, care label translations and more.

Classifieds - Apparel Search is certainly not CraigsList, but we do provide a classifieds section for members of the fashion industry to post various opportunities.  The classified section is only for apparel or textile relevant issues.

Clothing and Textile Close Outs (excess inventory) - The closeout section here at Apparel Search is for buying or selling excess inventory.  This would include clothing store returns, factory seconds, liquidation fashion from store closings etc.  In the clothing closeout area you will find buyers and sellers of excess clothes inventory.  You are also welcome to use the closeout message board system to post comments about inventory you may have available for sale.

Apparel Industry Consulting - The consultants section is too find fashion industry pundits (experts in the fashion industry) to assist you achieve your goals.  You will find fashion consultants, fashion design consultants, image consultants, garment manufacturing consultants, pattern making consultants, cutting room consulting etc.  You can find assistance all the way from the initial fiber to fashion on the runway.

Conversion Charts - The Conversion Charts section on Apparel Search is for locating charts and measurement resources for clothing industry issues.  For example, you will find fabric conversion charts, button size charts, body measurements as well as retail math equations for clothing retailers.

Customs - the apparel industry customs section on our website is regarding the importing of textiles, garments, and accessories and clearing those items thru customs.  Learn about custom brokers, duty rates, shipment documentation and other customs clearance relevant information.

Design Studio - the fashion design studio section of Apparel Search is the area where we have provided design services to other members of the industry.

Fashion Education & Textile Education - learn about textiles, garments, and various other aspects of our industry.  This is an excellent resources to people new to the business as well as industry veterans.  Find research materials, design schools, conferences, and more.

Employment - fashion jobs are a great way to enter the world of fashion.  Our employment section helps clothing companies find employees and it also helps employees find employers.  You will find many beneficial services and resources in this section of our website.

Fashion - the key to our website is fashion.  You will find access to this subject from nearly every page on our website.  This is one of the starting points to help you find access to different areas of our guide.

Financial - the financial section of Apparel Search is regarding the corporate side of the garment industry.  Research stock market data about clothing & textile companies.

Apparel Glossary - the glossary is a great place to start if you are new to our business.  Learning about fabrics, garment construction, footwear, and other industry terms is always a great idea.  We also have other education sections to our site, but this is a fabulous place to start.

Jobber - You may not be familiar with this term, but jobbers are an important element of the apparel industry.  Learn about what jobbers do and how to find a few of them to work with your projects.

Licensing - fashion licensing is an important element of the fashion industry.  It is critical for popular brands as well as companies that wish to market products under another companies brand name.

Logistics - In order to be a successful business you will most likely have to be able to move freight around the world.  Logistics, warehousing, and transportation are important subjects to understand.

Apparel Search is the worlds largest fashion industry directory.

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