Fashion Advice Summary
Fashion Summary

What makes you think that you need fashion advice from us?  Think about it.  You are attractive, you are stylish, you make other people jealous of your outfit when you walk down the street.  Why on earth would you be seeking advice about fashion?

Don't let fashion influencers make decisions for you!!!  When it comes to fashion tips, you will find that the internet can become overwhelming.  Everyone thinks that they are capable of dishing out style advice.  Guess what... half of those people giving you suggestion are "far" from stylish.  Find your own path.

Here is some fashion advice from me to you.

If you follow the above, you should do fine.

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Would you rather seek fashion advice from ugly fashion bloggers or pretty people?.

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Good luck.  Be a fashion queen or fashion king of your own making.  You don't need our advice to dress well.