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What is a fashion king?  A fashion king works for the fashion queen.  Obviously, the queen is always in charge of the castle.

The fashion king and fashion queen had a child.  She is known as the fashion princess.

Fashion King Crowns

Fashion King (Movie) Fashion King (Hangul: 패션왕; RR: Paesyeonwang) is a 2014 South Korean film that comically depicts the coming of age of a high school student as he matures into adulthood and discovers a passion for fashion design.

Fashion King (TV) - Great fashion has to start somewhere. And for aspiring designer Kang Young Gul (Yoo Ah In), that somewhere is in a humble stall at the Dongdaemun Market, a crowded fashion district in Seoul known for its cheap clothing and wannabe designers. Young Gul is a little timid about pursuing his dreams to become a famous designer, until he meets Lee Ga Young (Shin Se Kyung), a confident young woman who shares his aspirations.  Learn more about the Fashion King TV show (Korean).

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Do you know how to overthrow a fashion king?  The simple answer is a fashion revolution.

Craft your own trend and experiment with making your own outfit embellishments, jewelry, bag designs and so much more.

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