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Freeze buster, you are under arrest.. Your clothing is ugly, and your hair is a mess... You must be put in these designer handcuffs and taken to jail immediately.
Well, this may not actually be what the fashion police would say.  However, they may tell you that your ensemble looks hideous..
In all honesty, I do not know where or when the term fashion police was originated.  In fact, I am not certain exactly what it means.  My assumption is that the fashion police is a reference to people that are fashion critics.  In other words, people that review and comment on fashion and fashion trends.
If it were up to me, we would have fashion police patrolling the streets making certain that our belt color matches our shoe color.  I would also issue a tickets for wearing skirts that are too long... (yes, those tickets would go to women or men in skirts...)
Do the fashion police guard the models at fashion weekI always wanted to become an officer of the fashion police...
By the way, I have seen many TV shows where the critics (fashion police), make statements that I totally disagree with.  In my opinion, some of the fashion critics need to be given an orange jumper and scoot them off to prison.
If you mess with the fashion police, you can put in a strait jacketThat is the last item of fashion you will ever wear.


Please make sure to call the fashion police if you witness a fashion disaster.

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