We are not sure the exact number, but it certainly feels as if the internet has a zillion blogs.  OK, that number may be a bit inflated.  Anyway, you get our point.  It seems as if most people in the universe enjoy creating a method to post their thoughts about style and clothing.  We have decided to put together a list of a small handful of sites we think you should check out if you have time to do a bit of reading.

Here is a list of a few of our favorites.

Fashion Blogger

Fashion Industry Network

Fashion Blog

Fashion Salad

Runway Fashion

Blog About Fashion

Fashionista News

Style Blog

What is your favorite?  Join in the discussions about this topic on Google+.  Let us know your top picks.  Your selection does not have to be from the list above.

Here is an example of some recent posts.

Who do you think writes the best fashion blog?  If you are interested, we actually have written a post about who writes the best fashion blog.

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