Color Fastness Testing Machinery & Equipment for fabrics and Clothing

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Color fastness testing is an important process used in the textile industry to ensure that fabrics maintain their color and vibrancy over time. This testing is used to ensure that fabrics such as clothing, bedding, home d├ęcor, and upholstery meet the expected standards of colorfastness.

The textile industry uses colorfastness testing to measure the degree of resistance a fabric has to fading, bleeding, and staining when exposed to environmental elements such as UV light, washing, dry cleaning, and perspiration. Colorfastness testing is used to determine if fabrics can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use and still maintain their original color, brightness, and vibrancy.  Learn more about color fastness testing in our terminology section.

Apparel Folder  ATI Corporation (Advanced Testing Instruments) :  Advanced Testing Instruments Corporation provides the North American market with state-of-the-art laboratory and on-line testing machinery, as well as spare parts and consumables for all product lines. The ATI Technical Department performs and schedules calibrations and service for all instruments. Their products include testing equipment for air permeability, water resistance, tearing strength, abrasion, tensile strength, corrosion, light & weathering fastness, color fastness, color matching, compression, package integrity, as well as basic laboratory equipment.

Apparel Folder  Satra Technology Centre :  they supply a corckmeter; this instrument is used to determine the degree of color which can be transferred from the surface of the colored materials to other surfaces by rubbing.  Typical examples of color transfer are handbags to clothing and shoes to trousers. The machine takes its name from the term "crocking" meaning the transfer of coloring matter from a test sample to a wet or dry cloth rubbed against it. A grey scale is included in the package. Standard cloth (cotton lawn) is available for use with this test, ref. STD 422CL. (Relevant test methods: SATRA TM167; BS1006: x12; M&S C8; AATCC METHOD 8)

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