Light Box - Color Assessment Cabinet for Textiles and Clothing
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Apparel Folder  ATI Advanced Testing Instruments The Colour Check Cabinet was produced to answer visual colour matching needs. Used for assessing color changes under different light sources, to determine suitability of materials for industrial applications where there is the need to maintain color consistency and quality. Fluorescent daylight, incandescent and optional black light may be used either individually or in combination.

Apparel Folder  Cometech (Taiwan) : Testing Machine, Equipment, Abrasion Tester, Impact Tester, Cometech is a company for testing instruments with own design and production department which is very different from other companies who assign their design and product to others. With a long time go into this area, Cometech products has been with a fine appearance and high precise construction. Through an experienced team, Cometech develops software and indicator and can provide an instant solution for customer. They can be standards and can be specified by customer's requirement. Because of the insistence of quality, Cometech has been a leader in the field of testing machines. To meet the change of the age, the machines provided by Cometech keeps upgrade to a competitive price without compromising in quality. Such as B series universal testing machines, offer a PC connection to extend data analysis function. As a completely made and designed by Cometech, the machines have been indicated with a flexible and modifiable property.  They supply a Color Viewing Booth can provide various light sources for color comparison for printing, coating, textiles, fluorescence, etc....Stimulate light source made according to C.I.E. daylight (Color temperature 6504
XK Color temperature 5000
XK), color performance evaluation: over RA96.

Apparel Folder  Oktech Instrument & Equipment Co., Ltd English (China) develop all kinds of precision type instruments and equipment and offer consultation service in specialty. It is specially engaged in R&D, sale and service for various testing instruments and production equipment. Except OKTECH needle detector, it has also developed the following key products: color assessment cabinet, fabric strength tester, colour-fastness-to-nilight and weathering tester, multi-function color fastness friction device, cloth inspection machine, lateral stretching device, etc

  • Needle Detctor: OKtech-600AC Especial Stabilization Conveyor Type Needle Detector, Oktech-690S Double Safety Conveyor Type Needle Detector and Oktech-630 Microcomputer Color Liqid Crystal Touch Screen are mainly used detect the metals in garments, leather products, shoes, hats, down products, cloths
    and Plush toys etc

  • Light Box / Color Assessment Cabinet:  Oktech-CAC60


    150 Color Assessment Cabinet, which the Cabinet proves D65,TL84,CWF,UV,F/a etc. light sources, and adopt the microcomputer controlled, fast switching different light sources different light sources, super-strong timing function, and write down each kind of light source service time separately, all the fittings are special imported, and international quality authentication

      The standard light source Color Assessment Cabinet is extensively apply to the fabrics, print and dye, print, plastic, pigment, paint, printing ink, color field of making a video recording etc, is used in the color deviation of checking the goods accurately

      Their products aesthetic appearance, dependable performance, reasonable price, sophisticated technologies, superior quality, up-to-date style.
  • Fabric Strenght Tester
  • Cloth Inspection Machine
  • Color Fastness Testing

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