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What are the top fashion trends?

Well, that is certainly a difficult question to answer.  Do you mean the top fashion trends this year, this season, decade, century, or of all time.  The ever changing style of clothes & the fact that the world of fashion is international, makes it challenging to stay ahead of trends.  Some trends last for years, but others may pass by as quickly as the changing seasons.

When we are paying close attention we can see trends incubate and slowly emerge.  First we may spot them on the runway and then possibly in a fashion magazine.  In time, we see the clothing worn by a few people in our neighbor hood.  If a truly popular trend, we then see it grow and become mainstream.  In time the fashion trend may become so popular, it starts to become "un-popular" with the people that are so trendy they are ready for something new.

Some trends are easier to sport than others.  In the past, some fashion designers figured out which trends are hot as they were coming to the end of their cycle or after they have already past.  Fortunately, the fashion industry has learned to become very good at spotting trends and reacting to them with fast fashion.  As top trends begin, manufacturers react quickly to ride the wave.

When we consider the "top trends" we are thinking about styles that create a huge amount of buzz & move markets.  They inspire a large group of people or even a generation of people.

Here are a few styles in fashion that we believe have truly effected top fashion trends of the past century.

Other top fashion trends that the world has witness would include Power Suits, Western Wear, Voluminous Silhouettes, Broad Shoulder Suits, etc.

Where can we learn more about top fashion trends?  The magazines and fashion blogs are constantly reporting on the latest styles.  Charting the latest fashion and style trends directly from the runways, boutiques, and street style can become an obsession. 

Keep in mind, it is important to wear clothing or footwear that "you" enjoy.  Be yourself, and you will always be trendy.

We can find top fashion trends throughout history.  Here are a few historical examples:

1910's Hobble Skirts

1920's in the roaring 20's the flapper style was the rage.

1930's Bias-cut gowns which allowed fabric to drape well over the body.  Fabulous icons such as Bette Davis, Jean Harlow, and Joan Crawford dazzled fans by wearing glamorous gowns and tailored skirt suits.

1940's The "New Look" was popularized by Christian Dior.  A cinched waist, structured bust, and voluminous layered skirts.

1950's Black leather jackets, white t-shirts, denim jeans made many look and feel "cool".

1960's in addition to the bell bottoms & tie-dye, the 1960's was glorious for the mini skirt.  Thank you to fashion designer Mary Quant.

1980's leggings had become popular, but if you want to know about top fashion trends of the 1980's be sure to also watch some of the Madonna music videos.

What are the top fashion trends this season?

Learn more about fashion history.

Have you spotted any new trends this year?  Do you think they will still be popular next year?

What style trend do you think is most popular this year?  You are welcome to list your thoughts on what is popular this season, year, decade, century or of all time.

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