Top Fashion Trends This Season

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We are not interested on your thoughts about last year or next.  We want to know about what is hot in the market "now".

What are the top fashion trends this season?

First of all, dress appropriately for your location and season.  No matter what anyone tells you, it is not trendy to wear short pants in a winter snow storm.  Dress appropriate for the weather, occasion, and your surroundings.  Follow those simply guidelines and the rest should fall into place.

Fall Fashion

Spring Fashion

Where can we turn to find current fashion trends?

Spotting Trends this season

Are you as trendy as you think you are?  Probably yes.

If you are looking for information on the latest trends, we highly suggest the online fashion magazines and style blogs.  They are constantly reporting on what is happening in the market.  They keep a close eye on celebrities, boutiques, street trends, etc.  Often they report with an international perspective, but they also give us a fabulous guide to what is happening locally.

Vogue Fashion Trends

Elle Trend Reports

Who What Wear Trends

InStyle Latest Clothing Trends

In addition to the fashion mags, be sure to check out fashion blogs.

Research fashion designer collections for each season:

Fall Fashion Designer Collections

Spring Fashion Designer Collections

If you are curious about what may be hot next season, you may want to learn more about the fashion week event, apparel industry trade shows, etc.  By researching the fashion shows, you would see trendy styles before they actually hit the stores.

Spring Fashion Shows

Fall Fashion Shows

Learn more about fashion history.

Is puffy purple trendy this season?

Puffy Purple

Have you spotted any new trends this season?

What styles are contributing to the hottest trends this season?  
You are welcome to list your thoughts on what you are finding to be most popular.

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