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Fashion History is essentially the history of fashion...

It is well known that high fashion typically travels by the speed of light.  New trends are starting each day and in all honesty it is often difficult to stay current on the latest fashion trends.  Fashion statements are being made be individuals nearly every moment of every day.  You can ask any clothing buyer and they will most likely tell you that successful retailing is primarily based on being "on trend" (having in your store the items that are most currently in fashion).  Anyway, we all understand that it is difficult to keep up with the pace of fashion.  However, fashion history is slightly easier to monitor.  Regarding history, we can take our time to look to the past...

Learn about another era in fashion:

1550-1600 Fashion History

1600-1650 Fashion History

1750-1795 Fashion History

1820' Fashion History

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1850's Fashion History

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1960's Fashion History (definition) / 1960's Fashion Term

1970's Fashion History (definition) / 1970's Fashion Term

1980's Fashion History (term)

1990's Fashion History (definition)

Artistic Dress Movement

Victorian Fashion

Elizabethan Fashion

Edwardian Fashion

You may also wish to learn about the Jacobean Era.

As you are most likely already aware, clothing is not the only aspect of fashion history.  Clothes are produced by using many components and processes.  Here are a few pieces of history for your reference.

Knitting History

Zipper History

Hosiery History

History of Sarongs

If you wish to learn more about fashion, we suggest you visit the apparel education department here on Apparel Search.  From there you will find educational resources such as international fashion schools to aid you with further education.

If you are less interested in fashion history, you may have an interest in current fashion.  You can learn about the latest fashion from the current fashion articles section or our fashion guide.

You may also want to read our article on the Time Line of Fashion From the Victorian Era Through the 1950's


You may also want to read about 40 Years of Fashion and Fashion Museums and Exhibits.

1960's Women's Fashion

1970's Women's Fashion

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When you are looking at fashion history, you may wish to also consider the future of fashion.  You can look toward current times or toward the future by utilizing the following services:

fashion forecasting services

color trend forecasting services

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