Frugly Fashion

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If clothes or footwear styles are frugly they are Freaken Ugly.

Frugly Fashion

Frugly clothing is out of fashion this year.

The unfortunate reality is that clothing can be trending & popular even if it is frugly. Unfortunately, their is no accounting for poor taste that runs rampid.  Even super frugly clothing styles can become common in the market place.  Let's hope that frugly clothes do not garnish positive feedback from consumers.  We certainly don't want ghastly apparel spreading quickly.  Trends are often hard to control even if they are displeasing to the eye.

Potentially the Worst Style Trends (depending on who you ask):

Again, the above list is depending on who you ask.  Obviously many people absolutely love those style trends. Frugly is in the eye of the beholder.

Not sure if you have noticed, but fashion designers often create extremely ridiculous looking clothes & accessories for the catwalk.  Fashion Week is filled with horrific designs.  Even great designers are capable of creating horrible garments from time to time.  Let's keep in mind that one of the purposes of fashion week is for designers to get noticed.  Outlandish designs can certainly get them noticed and publicized.  However, it can also get them ridiculed by Apparel Search.  Frugly fashion week collections are either appalling or genius.  A truly nasty looking design can actually make a designer famous.

Do NOT donate frugly clothing, shoes or accessories to thrift shops or sell them on consignment.  It is preferred that freaken ugly fashion disappears from the planet.  We strongly suggest breaking down the garment into fiber so that it it can be recycled into an entirely new garment.

Please try to stay stylish & trendy but avoid the frugly outfits.

Learn about ugly fashion bloggers on our fashion blog post (yes, it is a facetious blog post.  Those fashion bloggers are actually extremely beautiful.)

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