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fashion directory  A2000 Software by GCS: The A2000 ERP package expertly handles all of an organization's transactional requirements. The system provides separate, yet totally integrated modules for PDM, Production, Forecasting and Inventory, Warehousing, Order Processing, Allocation and Sales, Shipping, Accounting, EDI, Report Writer and System Administration, as well as business specific customized modules for Catalog, Telemarketing, and Web-enabled consumer based sales. When business needs change, sales volume increases or additional divisions are added you should not have to change your software, causing expensive disruption to your business. A2000 has worked closely with major manufacturers and distributors to develop a fast, state of the art application that is truly geared exclusively to the apparel, home furnishings, and accessory industries. With today's increasingly competitive and ever changing business environment it is important to keep a lean, efficient organization. They can deliver the power, scalability and customized functionality of A2000 to companies of all sizes at affordable costs.

fashion directory  assyst-bullmer Inc.: assyst / bullmer develops & deploys CAD/cAM/pDM software, systems, machinery, solutions and services for the industries processing textiles, a.k.a. Soft Goods Industries (apparel, upholstery, transportation interior, luggage, technical textiles and other textile products such as inflatables, aerospace- , medical- , outdoor-, stuffed toys & dolls industries) .  Address 5000 Aerial Ctr. Pkwy Phone 919 467 2211 Fax E-mail info@assyst-intl.com  Contact: Jim Hurley

fashion directory  Blue Fox / Nedgraphics http://www.nedgraphics.com/  

fashion directory  Bluewater Software:  Bluewater Software provides web-based PLM SRM ERP Software for American Apparel Companies based on Microsoft .NET technology. The companies DeSL line of software are extremely configurable and can meet the needs of most companies "out of the box" without requiring expensive and time-consuming customizations. Address1375 Broadway, Third Floor New York, NY 10018  Phone (212) 479-7380 e-mail: sales@bluewatersoftware.com  Contact: Matt Brosious

fashion directory  Business Management Systems Inc.: Business Management Systems-VerTex PLM As one of the most experienced providers of PLM solutions for the apparel, textiles, footwear, and other sewn products industries, Business Management Systems (BMS) has developed VerTex to help you maximize your competitiveness and profitability. By extending the capabilities of product lifecycle management upstream to initial line planning and downstream to sourcing and delivery, VerTex simply delivers greater competitive advantage and measurably better returns than conventional PDM, PLM and supply chain management software. Address: 33-00 Broadway Suite 308 Fair Lawn NJ, 07410 E-mail: info@bmsystems.com  Phone 1.800.266.4046

fashion directory  Cantel Systems : To stay ahead the apparel distributor and manufacturer must respond with technology, innovative systems and effective supply chain management. Cantel meets these challenges with leading edge web ERP solutions, fashion software, apparel PDM, Apparel EDI, Warehouse Management, CAD, amongst other tools that will help you compete and grow profitably today and in the future. The PDM module gives the design and development team the ability to schedule, track and control the progress of new styles and prototypes.

fashion directory  ComputerCare Inc.: CAMS (ComputerCare Apparel Management System) is designed by industry experts as a full function ERP system that integrates FG Inventory and Production with Order Entry. CAMS is easy to use for importers and manufacturers of clothing products and even easier on your budget. ComputerCare has built-in flexibility to allow the system to be easily modified for individual use, often without the need to do any programming. Key features include:
available to sell reporting all the time, anytime; sophisticated multi-store (distro) order entry, including consolidated picking tickets; intelligent order allocation logic; production orders to schedule imports, cutting & knits; planning to ID profit by groups/styles; booking analysis (cut and sold reporting) to maximize productivity. Integrated EDI and PDM modules are available.  Address:
241 Forsgate Drive Jamesburg, NJ 08831 Phone: 732-656-0673 Fax: 732-656-0656 Contact: Ken Reifer E-mail: sales@computercare.com  

fashion directory  FastFit360: FastFit360 provides a cloud-based solution specifically designed to meet the needs of modern product development within the apparel industry.  The FastFit360 platform allows multinational teams and supply chain partners to work more efficiently, creatively and economically by reducing the costs associated with prototyping, sampling and global collaboration.

fashion directory  Gerber Scientific, Inc.: Apparel & Retail, [ WebPDM ] develops and manufactures the world's leading brands of integrated software and hardware automation systems for the sewn products and flexible materials industries. These systems automate and significantly improve the efficiency of information management, product design and development, pre-production, and production processes. 

fashion directory  Just OnePlace Pty Ltd: Web-based collaborative PLM software solution for managing product data, product development process, and supplier relationships featuring dynamic Workflow tool for creating critical path templates, including task, alerts, triggers, and escalation notifications, applied against the development calendar. OnePlace PLM provides visibility throughout the product lifecycle process, from design to delivery. Industry-specific templates are provided for apparel, footwear, and other fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industries. Their software helps with Speed Time-to-Market, Decrease Product Development Cost, Increase revenues and sell-through, Enhance visibility throughout product life-cycle, Automate ERP integration with style/size/color matrix. North American contacts: John Holt, VP - Business Development (Northern US / Canada) 973 507-9690, Mark Mandrano VP
Business Development (Southern US / Mexico) 336 545-1150. Email: info-na@just1place.com  

fashion directory  Lectra: Lectra is the world leader in providing a comprehensive range of high technology solutions and related services to the major industrial users of textiles, leather and other soft materials. Lectra solutions span the entire product life cycle of customers products, from product design, to manufacturing, to retailing.

fashion directory   (NGC)   : a recognized leader in industry-specific sourcing, production, and business management solutions, developed e-PDM in direct response to the changing product development and management needs of today's sewn products companies. In contrast to traditional CAD-based PDM systems, e-PDM is the first product data management solution to incorporate the industry expertise, technology architecture, and implementation approach necessary to support the full range of product management decisions that are critical in today's supply chain-driven business environment.

fashion directory  Polygon Software (USA): Polygon Software provides end-to-end technology solutions for apparel, footwear and accessories businesses. Their solutions, known for their rapid low-cost implementation and robust function, are backed by an outstanding sales and support staff that's committed to your success.

 Polygon Software has two applications:

PolyNest is recognized as the easiest to use full-featured CAD on the market. They help manufacturer's of all sizes achieve dramatic productivity gains with fully integrated pattern design and marker making. PolyNest features free entry-level automatic marker making, outstanding pattern design, and support for a wide range of plotters, cutters and digitizers. Additional capabilities include a complete made-to-measure solution and a facility to position artwork on patterns.

PolyPM is an integrated Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that helps business increase sales, reduce costs, make better business decisions and improve customer service, by maximizing inventory, balancing supply with demand, managing product definition and tracking inventory from raw materials to distribution.

PolyPM Features: Costing and Tech Packs Budget styles and samples management, Inventory, sales orders, production, purchasing, receiving, shipping, invoicing. Discreet, outsourced, made-to-measure, serialized production models. Cut Planning, Production Planning, CRM functions, Best-of-breed Collaboration, Time & Action Calendars, Sourcing, EDI UPS, Fedex and Scan and Pack.

Customer surveys in Apparel Magazine and Gartners have consistently rated Polygon Software as a leader in customer support.  Address: 6 Reservoir Circle, Baltimore Maryland 21208 US Phone: 410.653.8004 Fax: 410.653.8022  Email: mailto:sales@polypm.com  Contact: Mickey Wohlmuth, VP Sales

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fashion directory  simplePDM: simplePDM is a Web PDM that centralizes the pattern makers work and allows them to collaborate with others while keeping fine grained access permissions and up-to-date backups. On top of that, unique technologies allow automatic file manipulations that can dramatically lower production time and the risk of mistakes. simplePDM has: Private working groups, File revisions, Free pattern collection, and Automatic grading of basic blocks. Address: Israel Phone: +972527587697 Fax E-mail: info@gizra.com  Contact: Brice Lenfant

fashion directory  TEXbase: Created by industry experts with deep material development experience, TEXbase has become the standard for collaborative material management and development software. TEXbase leads organizations in the Apparel and Textile Industries by accelerating their material development to differentiate in an ultra-competitive global environment that is driven by innovation and integrity. TEXbase software allows businesses to reduce operating expenses while increasing revenues by improving research and development processes, shortening product lifecycles, and improving brand integrity and product innovation. The company's hosted applications serve customers such as NatureWorks, Kingwhale, Singtex and Cocona on the supply-side, to Apparel Brands such as Nautica, Under Armour, and Patagonia.

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fashion directory  Visual 2000 International.:  Visual 2000 is a Montreal based software developer specializing in Apparel Specific Enterprise Management Software. Visual 2000 is the leading provider of Apparel ERP Software in Canada. Visual 2000 has an established presence worldwide with distribution channels in Toronto, Vancouver, New-York, Mexico, Taiwan, China and Hong-Kong. When you choose Visual 2000, you choose more than just another software solution. That's because Visual 2000 was formed by professionals with decades of experience in the sewn products industry. They have joined together to deliver on-site applications that facilitate the implementation of advanced Enterprise Management and Product Distribution systems. Visual 2000 DPMS software is a complete, best-of-breed solution that delivers outstanding value based on exceptional price/performance and functionality. The software is key to companies seeking to enhance profitability in an evolving supply chain-based economy.  The Visual 2000 DPMS product offering includes modules, ranging from Web-Based PDM, sales, purchasing, inventory, accounting, Web-Based Ordering (Dynamic ATS), MRP (Material Requirement Planning), RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization), EDI, Bar Coding, and Product BOM (Bill of Material).  All modules are scalable and interactive in a client/server environment. This wide selection enables the tailoring of solutions specific to the needs of individual companies and numerous vertical industry segments. Address: 320 5th Ave, Suite 606 New York, NY 10001  Phone 646-330-4704 e-mail: salesusa@visual-2000.com  Contact name: Frank Awan

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fashion directory  YXENDIS (France): Product Data Management - Collaborative Working Platform. Turn globalization risks into oppotunities: YX PDM Pltinium is the YXENDIS collaborative platform 100% customizable for Apparel, Technical textiles, Home Textile and House Textile market, Shoes, Bags & Luggages, Accessories.  Address: 33 Rue Alsace Lorraine - 42400 Saint-Chamond France Phone: (33)(0)4 77 31 00 80 Fax: (33)(0)4 77 29 93 63 E-mail: sales@yxendis.com  

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