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Directory of companies that perform clothing factory inspections and evaluations.   If you are producing garments or fashion accessories in factories outside of your own country (factories you can not visit on a regular basis), it is a good idea to have the factories inspected by an independent agency.  It is important to make sure that you source clothing in factories that meet international standards.   Also, visit our Human Rights section and Child Labor section.

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  A.L.G.I Group / System Certification Pakistan: they are an accredited monitor for WRAP, SA-8000, FLA and BSCI certification in Pakistan; additionally they are providing Supplier evaluation services in Pakistan and Iran. They examine your supplier's capabilities, systems, management, and operating procedures. They communicate your specific requirements and prepare a very comprehensive assessment report, this service ensures that appropriate suppliers are being selected and that your quality specifications are understood and being met. They will design their evaluation program based on your requirements. It can save significant time, money, and potentially your reputation to work with the right suppliers. Their supplier Evaluation reports are a valuable tool in making those final determinations. The areas covered in Supplier Evaluation include: Capabilities, Scale & organization, Compliance with Local Laws, Management and human resources, Quality control system, Manufacturing process, Facilities, Procurement process, Raw material management, Semi-finished and finished product management, House keeping, Working condition. Contact: Abdulrauf Shaikh E-mail:

  Asia Textile Inspections Limited ATI is an independent inspection service company having 13 offices worldwide and 100 plus qualified inspectors . They provide inspection and audit services to help clients, retailers, trading partners, Importers and manufacturers to assess product quality conforming to the internationally accepted standards like MIL-STD-105E (ANSI/aSQC Z1.4, BS6001, DIN40080 and ISO2859), 4-Point System and AQL 2.5/4.0. We specialize in providing inspection and audit service i.e. inspection of yarn, fabrics, Garments, Towels, Home Textiles, Foot Wear and Leather.  The inspection team is a cohesive group of technically qualified trained and experienced Textile/garment technologist to undertake multistage inspection that is aimed at quality up gradation of your merchandise.  The aim of our service is to reduce and eliminate as many of your risk in accepting defective products that endangers business as they often mean unhappy customers, lost sales, operation disruption, rework, even safety and legal issues. Through their onsite inspection, ATI will monitor the correct fulfillment of your purchase orders and assures that merchandise evaluated meets all specific requirements.   Address: 1601-2 Kowloon Plaza , 485 Castle Peak Road, Kowloon Hong Kong Phone: + 852-27244786 Fax: + 852-27214786 E Mail:  Contact: Nasir Naeem

  CMA Testing and Certifications Labratories (Hong Kong): CMA Testing is experienced in textile and garment testing. Apart from physical testing and quality checking in the laboratory, they also provide on-site inspection services.  Their service covers many countries and regions in Asia.

  Codetex srl: fabric quality control-Stabilizing treatments-Laboratory Tests-Inspections and tests at italian and overseas producersLogistics: warehouse, raw materials, storage and transport management. CO.DE.TEX. Group consist of four companies that manage a total of nine factories as well as eight local units on the premises of two fabric producers.  Italy Address: Via Chieri 107 Andezeno (Torino) 10020  Italy  Phone: 39-0119434433 or 39-0119434364  Fax: 39-0119434464 Email:  Contact: Roberta Menab- Export Manager New York Office:  Fisk Building,250 W 57th Street,Suite 2414  New York,NY 10107 Mr Alberto Ammassari  phone 212-957.2720 fax 212-957.1975 email

  EFN Global Impax Private Ltd.: EFN Global Impax Private Limited was incorporated in 1995 with their head-quarters in India.  They specialize in providing independent Quality Assurance Services and thus enhance Brand Management.  To enhance their Organisation and Methods, they adopted the ISO Quality Management System and achieved ISO 9002 Certification in the year 2001. As a measure of continuous improvement, they have now upgraded their operations to the latest ISO standard and they have successfully achieved ISO 9001:2000 Certification to provide Quality Assurance Services.

  Hangzhou Nicy Inspection Service Co.,Ltd  (China): Nicy Inspection Service (NIS) specializes in all kinds of inspection service and loading supervision for buyers, agents, government department and suppliers all over the world. They could adopt these inspection standards: ANSI/aSQC Z1.4 / MIL-STD-105E / BS 6001 / DIN 40080 / ISO 2859 / NFX 06-022. NIS provides their clients with excellent quality inspection service & loading supervision, and they do it on time. They send their experts to the factory to conduct the inspection. They send their English inspection report to the client on the inspection day by email. So the client can know the quality of goods immediately and decide on further action. They are capable of making their own imprint in inspection/survey services related to the following areas: shirt /jacket /skirt /bra /pants /sweater /cap /underwear /belt /tie /socks /scarf / fabric / Home textiles / Shoes (footwear) / Bag and box / Toy/ Material inspection, Factory Audit, Loading supervision, Sampling to test and so on. NIS was registered and proved by China government on July 23rd, 2004. It has inspection companies in Hangzhou and Chongqing, and inspectors in Xiamen, Shenzhen, Jinan of China. Their service covers the whole China.  Address:Room 1G, Building No. 5, Hangban Edifice, Hangzhou, China. Post code: 310014 Phone:86-0571 88037992 Fax:86057188074369 or  Contact: Eton Liang 

  Helmsman Quality & Technology Services Co., Ltd. is a leading quality control provider who helps you to ensure the quality of your purchasing goods. Accredited by CNAS against ISO17020& ISO17025 and with more than 15 years of experience and over 500 professional staff in more than 48 offices around the world, they offer a wide range of quality assurance services, covering factory audit, social compliance audit, pre-production inspection, during production inspection, pre-shipment inspection, 100% inspection, loading supervision and product testing as well. Helmsman Quality & Technology Services Co., Ltd. Add: 3/f, 152# North Jianxin Road, Fuzhou, Fujian, China Tel: +86-591-87641880 Fax:+86-591-83724643

  If It'sQuality: Services Offered: Statistical audits on site at the customer's location. Various auditing methods can be used including MIL stds, Defect Percentage Audits, and/or customized audit processes. "If It's Quality" can provide thorough audit forms and summaries or if the customer prefers, they may elect to use their own forms and reports. A complete defect analysis report and follow up is always part of the package.  Services Offered: Inspection of product on site at the customer's location. Inspections can be done for a single defect, a list of defects, measurement defects, or any/all defects. Standards can be based on any criteria the customer chooses or on industry standards. Summaries and tracking records on defects can be provided by "If It's Quality" if required or reporting formats can be provided by the customer if preferred. Rework projects include simple relabel, repackage projects, or repairs that do not require sewing or skilled machinery use.

Intertek: Intertek provides comprehensive services for all of your textile and apparel inspection, testing and certification needs to help you deliver the highest-quality products.   With more than 1,200 inspectors around the globe, and 700 in China alone, Intertek's pre-shipment textile and apparel inspections are conducted by seasoned experts to evaluate your products both pre- and post-production. Intertek's textile and apparel inspection services help you identify varying levels of defects in your product, including: critical defects, major defects, minor defects, etc.  During textile and apparel inspections, Intertek conducts the following: fabric check, garment labeling review, workmanship assessment, etc.

  Korea Apparel Testing and Research Institute(KATRI): (Korea)  testing and research institute accredited by government; testing, inspection, analysis and research of textile and related products for the textile industry. They are a nationally and internationally accredited testing, inspection & research institute based on 40 years of experience. They are endeavoring to keep up to date with the demands of the 21st century and anticipated changes in the industry, and act accordingly. They aim to be in the forefront of any changes. Their company has the ability and capacity to diversify and increase its scope to be able to act in the best interest of the industry. Together with their partners they will be a world leading institute in the future and provide competitive and professional services to their clients. Services include description of quality and care instructions, confirmation of all specifications, evaluation of colorfastness, dimensional stability and physical characteristics, down and feather testing, specification test of harmful substances and processing catalysts, infection resistance tests, and analysis of defective factors for consumer protection.

SGS: Inspection services from SGS – risk reduction plus quality and quantity control ensure that you meet all relevant regulatory requirements.  Their inspection programs allow you to develop products that consistently meet the high standards you expect.  SGS can also help you comply with the complex regulatory requirements of health, safety and the environment across different regions and markets.   Their inspection services help you to highlight defects as early as possible, so that you can make changes where necessary and avoid the cost of disruptions in the production or supply of your products. This means that you reduce the risk of product recalls or other issues that could damage your profits as well as your long-term brand integrity.  As a world leader in inspection services, they offer you unrivaled experience and expertise, the latest technologies and a unique global network.  As a result, they can help provide you with the highest standards of quality and integrity; anywhere in the world.

  Specialised Technology Resources, Inc STR (USA) Independent testing institute with laboratories world wide. Quality assurance, polymer research, product and process engineering and specialty manufacturing. Material and product testing services for the textile, nonwovens and leather industries.  Address: 10 Water Street  Enfield, CT 06082  Phone: (860)749-8371  Fax: 860)749-8234

  Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production (WRAP): The objective of the Apparel Certification Program is to independently monitor and certify compliance with the following standards, ensuring that a given factory produces sewn goods under lawful, humane, and ethical conditions. Note that it is not enough to subscribe to these principles; WRAP monitors the factory for compliance with detailed practices and procedures implied by adherence to these standards.