Ecommerce Virtual Storefront Software and Solutions for Clothing Industry

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  Alding: Supplier of Alding Webshop Maker, a tool for producing web-based shops using a PC. Product information, references, downloads and user forum.

  Bizfinity Inc.: is the leading developer of online business applications for small and growing businesses including retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and CPA's integrating online and offline buying and selling with traditional "back-office" and "front-office" features. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Bizfinity is revolutionizing the way companies conduct business over the internet. Storefronts to allow business owners get their products online quickly, with included site and product line promotion.

  Clover Shop: An online store which features a product catalog, shopping cart, orders and administration page. Databases are flat text files and its can edit them through web browser or off-line in a text editor.

  Digital StoreFronts: Offers a suite of e-commerce tools for creating an online store.

  DXShop: Online e-store solution, with reseller and affiliate opportunities available.

  EasyStoreCreator: The online ecommerce solution for small businesses. Create a site in minutes, automatically update stock, use the integrated shopping cart and change the look instantly.

  e-EZStore: Browser based e-commerce solution providing user control while avoiding the 'cookie cutter' template look.

  etrasoft: Online tool for the creation of an e-store.

  Exceptional Sites: Site authoring tool, hosting service and e-commerce facilitation solution.

  HTML Merchant: E-commerce solution for small or mid-sized businesses or ISPs who want to create unlimited stores on a single server.

  InstanteStore Ecommerce Solution: A browser-based e-commerce solution with built-in shopping cart software and integrated affiliate program management. No programming knowledge required.

  Merchant-in-a-Box: Point and click browser-based e-commerce store builder.

  MerchantSpace: J2EE framework for development of B2B or B2C shopping cart. Includes demo, documentation, pricing and live help support.   MerchantSpace is Java shopping cart software with a MVC-2 service-oriented architecture. It leverages open source technologies and enterprise Java for e-commerce software that integrates quickly with current & new best of breed, best fit components. All aspects of an integrated Java e-commerce storefront are manageable such as catalogs, merchandising, promotions, orders and billing, customer relationships, shipping, taxes, payments and reporting. It consists of Java shopping cart / Java e-commerce components, and full shopping cart source code is included.

  Multi Level Store: Online storefront application with network marketing integration.

  PDshopPro: A complete ASP online store with built-in shopping cart system for Internet Information Server.  PDshopPro is a complete ASP shopping cart & online store web application for your online business. In just minutes you can setup and customize your storefront. Start selling your products on the internet with this powerful database driven application (100% ASP scripts, no DLLs or software components to install).

  Shop 1 Net: Offers a range of net merchant packages, permitting users to create a unique Internet presence with custom animations, graphics, and sound. Offering full featured virtual storefront platforms and ebusiness solutions on an ASP or deployed basis.

  WebStores 2000: ASP application with Access and SQL Server backend running in IIS. Marketed to developers and ISPs.  Webstores 2000 developer edition offers an easy and affordable way to build an on-line store solution for your business! Create a full-featured, customizable, e-commerce website in just a few hours! Manage from a browser, no programming skills required! Developers, Webstores 2000 developer edition is made for you! Written in ASP / IIS technology, this version includes OPEN SOURCE CODE and a ten-store license, as well as excellent support and documentation!

Your eShop: A browser based storefront and catalogue management system.

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