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Miva is a dynamic browser based storefront development and management system that allows merchants to create and administrate multiple online stores from anywhere in the world.

You can learn more about Miva websites from Miva scripting books which can get purchased at Amazon or other retailers selling books about shopping cart technology.

  Bear Canyon Commerce: Hosting, development and training in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Create online catalogs and E-Commerce shopping carts.   Providing hosting and E-Commerce solutions for your products and services. Their most robust solution, Miva Merchant, is a turn key shopping cart solution.  If your needs are a bit more simpler and do not require the sophistication of Miva, they offer many other solutions

  Driftwood.Net: Miva Masochists Guild: Tips and techniques, including security, modification, and general hints about Miva Merchant.  Please note that they do warn on the site they use dirty words etc.  This is a technology site written with humor that may not be appropriate for some viewers.   

  Merchant Software / GAP Development Company: Tools to enhance online stores, tips and free utility software.   The E-UI allows you to take charge of your Miva Merchant E-Commerce site by providing the options needed to Enhance the User Interface. With the E-UI you have this type of control and much, much more!  GAP Development Company was founded in 1987 as a software design firm, specializing in Bulletin Board Software and Utilities.

  Miva.Com: Miva Merchant Users Support Archive: The web version of the official merchant-users list, with searchable archives

  MivaTraining.com: Miva Merchant online training course to learn about E-commerce using a live shopping cart.

  Search Engine Optimization for Miva Merchant: Learn all about search engines, marketing, and how to optimize your Miva Merchant store with this newsletter. It contains articles, module reviews, tips.

  1st Easy Limited: Ecommerce packages using the Miva Merchant store front and WorldPay online payment solution.

  Sypshack.com: Jeff's Miva Stuff: Offers a download for a TweakOUI module and an analysis of Miva Merchant's data files.

  Tek-Tips - Miva Merchant and Order solutions: User-driven independent technical support forum.

  TrainingTools.Com: Miva Merchant Online Training: A simple introduction to building, maintaining and modifying a store.

  W-3Productions.com: Offers MvCoder, a Miva Script editor; Hookpoints.exe, an aid for OpenUI development; and other software and services. 

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