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JavascriptA scripting language from Netscape that is only marginally related to Java.  Java and JavaScript are not the same thing.  JavaScript was designed to resemble Java, which in turn looks a lot like C and C++. The difference is that Java was built as a general-purpose object language, while JavaScript is intended to provide a quicker and simpler language for enhancing Web pages and servers. JavaScript is embedded as a small program in a web page that is interpreted and executed by the Web client. The scriptor controls the time and nature of the execution, and JavaScript functions can be called from within a Web document, often executed by mouse functions, buttons, or other actions from the user. JavaScript can be used to fully control Netscape and Microsoft Web browsers, including all the familiar browser attributes.

It may be a good idea to learn about JavaScript from reading books on the subject.  You can find JavaScript books at the Amazon website.

  NebuCart eCommerce Solution:  NebuCart was written with you in mind. Its modular design makes it easy to integrate into your existing site so you can begin selling online within minutes of installing the cart. Whether you have a merchant account with an online credit card processor like Authorize.Net or Verisign's PayFlow Link, or just want to take payments through PayPal, this shopping cart script is not just good ecommerce, it's good sense! Your customers will enjoy their shopping experience when you use NebuCart. The shopping process is quick and logical, without the hassle of logging in or having to create accounts. Buying from your online store is user friendly with easy to read cart display and very simple checkout steps. Your customers will appreciate the speed and efficiency of your shopping cart, and you can be assured that they'll keep coming back!

  Shopable: Configuration requires a small amount of Javascript at the top of each order page. Free, with donation suggested.   Shopable is a fully featured online shopping cart, perfect for small businesses and individuals who want to sell their products quickly and cheaply. It runs entirely on the client, and is very easy to configure. Best of all, it looks nice and it's free! It also has a plethora of useful features and an extensive manual. It's been translated into 8 languages, and has an automatic currency converter. It can even take the customer's payment details through mailto or formmail.

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