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A fashion design studio is a workplace for designers to conceptualize, design, and possibly create apparel and relevant products.  Some are referred to as an atelier workshop.  In the fashion studios, fashion designers, artisans and illustrators engage in conceiving, designing and developing new clothing, shoes, jewelry, or fashion accessories.  Amongst other things, they develop concept boards, study fabric constructions, and evaluate color trend choices.

The size of the studio as well as tools & conveniences really depends upon the type of the Studio.  Freelance designers engaged in product design often have a small set up of their own.  The freelance designers may work out of an office, but a large majority will work out of their apartment or home.   Fortunately, with a computer many designers can work from remote locations.

In addition to small freelance operations, the fashion industry also has its share of large scale fashion design studios.  Some of which work strictly on their own product and others work to develop artwork for other companies.  Some studios concentrate strictly on “artwork”, and other studios offer additional services such as pattern making, sewing, and other aspects of product development such as sample making.

The ambiance of a design studio is often notable for its marked informality.  This would obviously depend on the particular company.  The number of designers working in a typical design studio may vary widely from a single individual to up to hundreds or potentially thousands of members.   In such large studios apart from designers the staff may also consist of other technicians and artisans engaged in sewing, embroidering, textile printing, and other prototyping activities.  The larger offices would also have administrative personnel.

The smaller fashion design studios are operated by individuals, while the medium to larger scale ones may be owned and operated by internationally recognized fashion designers or apparel manufacturers.

Design firms engaged in design services catering to the clothing industry are readily available (if you know where to find them).   If you are looking for such services, you may want to check the Fashion Industry Network, or visit the fashion artists guide section here on Apparel Search.

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You may also want to visit the pattern maker section if you need help with designing patterns for the clothing manufacturing process.

We hope that this term helps you better understand what is referred to as a fashion design studio.  If you have questions, you are welcome to join in the discussions at the Fashion Industry Network or visit our social media accounts.


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