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Jewellery (spelled jewelry in American English) consists of ornamental devices worn by persons, typically made with gems and precious metals. Costume jewellery is made from less valuable materials. However, jewly can and has been made out of almost every kind of material.

Examples include bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings, as well as items like hair ornaments or body piercing jewelry.

The word is derived from the word 'jewel', which was Anglicized from the Old French 'jouel' in around the 13th century. Further tracing leads back to the Latin word 'jocale', meaning plaything.

Jewelry, particularly when made with precious materials, is generally considered valuable and desirable. Some cultures have a practice of keeping large amounts of wealth stored in the form of jewelry. Jewelry can also be symbolic, as in the case of Christians wearing a crucifix in the form of jewellery, or, as is the case in many Western cultures, married people wearing a wedding ring.

Jewelry in various forms has been made and worn by both sexes in almost every (if not every) human culture, on every inhabited continent. Personal adornment seems to be a basic human tendency.

In rare cases jewelry is also used for (at least some) modesty, e.g. to cover the nipples.

Jablonec in the northern Bohemia region of the Czech Republic manufactures a large amount of jewellery for the world.






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