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A hat is a head covering which is worn for various reasons, including protection against weather conditions.

Hats commonly worn today

Akubra hat

Alpine hat

bucket hat


Panama, also jipijapa

slouch hat, also digger hat, Australian slouch hat

straw hat


Hats worn in the past, or rarely worn today





boater, also basher

bowler hat, also coke hat, billycock, boxer, bun hat

boxer a tall hat

cabbage-tree hat a hat woven from leaves of the cabbage tree

capotain (and women) - a tall conical hat, 17th century, usually black - also, copotain, copatain

Caroline (hat) - 17th Century

carriage hat - 1780s-1820s

caubeen - Irish hat

cavalier hat, also chevaliers, wide brimmed hat trimmed with ostrich plumes

chapeau-bras - 18th century, small three cornered hat which was carried under one arm

chimney-pot hat, also lum-hat, Victorian, also worn by clerics in the Greek Orthodox Church

cocked hat

pork pie hat, also trilby

top hat or stovepipe hat


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