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Officials and civil workers

  • Manchu official headwear

  • Ming official headwear

Other specialist headgear

  • chef's hat, also toque blanche, or more familiarly, toque

  • coronet

  • crown - learn about kings, queens & princesses.

  • fire-hat

  • gas mask

  • mortarboard

  • night cap

  • nurse's cap

  • power dome

  • scrum-cap

  • shower cap, a flexible plastic covering to protect the hair from getting wet, as used when taking a shower.

  • space helmet

  • swimming cap

  • visor

  • wedding veil

National dress; association with a country or people

  • barretina - Catalan

  • bearskin hat

  • beret

  • bowler hat - English in origin

  • Breton, also Bretonne

  • clop - Romanian in origin

  • coolie hat

  • coonskin hat - American frontiersman

  • Cossack hat - Cossacks

  • fez

  • feathered headdress

  • Four Winds hat

  • glengarry bonnet

  • Haida hat

  • mandarin hat - Chinese

  • Montenegrin cap - Montenegrins

  • Phrygian cap - Roman, French

  • qeleshe - Albanian

  • ajkača - Serbian

  • sombrero - Mexican

  • slouch hat, also digger hat, Australian slouch hat

  • stetson - American

  • tam o'shanter - Scottish

  • turban

  • touque - Canadian, esp. French-Canadian/Qubcois

  • ushanka - Russian

  • Welsh hat

Tin-foil Hats

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