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Stetson hats or Stetsons are often known as ten-gallon hats, or cowboy hats. Stetson is actually a brand name, not a type of hat. The John B. Stetson Company was founded by John B. Stetson, the inventor of the cowboy hat: a felt hat with a tall crown and very wide brim. It functions to protect its wearer's eyes from the sun, and can also double as a water bowl.

In the 1860s Stetson created a rugged hat for himself made from thick beaver fur felt while panning for gold in Colorado. According to legend, Stetson invented the hat while on a hunting trip while showing his companions how he could make cloth out of fur without weaving. Stetson made an unusually large hat from fur-felt he made from hides collected on the trip, and wore the hat for the remainder of the expedition. Although initially worn as a joke, Stetson soon grew fond of the hat for its ability to protect its wearer from the elements. It had a wide brim for protection from the elements, a high crown to keep an insulating pocket of air on the head, and a waterproof lining so the hat could be used to carry water.

The hat was first sold in Central City, Colorado in 1865 under the name "Boss of the Plains," more commonly known as the "ten-gallon cowboy hat". Later, Stetson's cowboy hat was renamed the "Stetson", after its inventor.

In 1869 Stetson returned to Philadelphia to found his hat company, which produced high quality hats for outdoors use.

By 1886 Stetson's hat company was the largest in the world, and had mechanized the hat-making industry.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Red Serge dress uniform includes a stetson with a flat brim.

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