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Swim cap factories from around the world.

POQ Swim: Poqswim is a latex-dipping and rubber moulding company equipped with the latest state-of-the-art machinery and technology which enable it to produce Latex and Silicone Swim Caps of the highest quality, durability and consistency. The largest Swim gears Supplier in the World, Wholesale swim caps, custom swim caps, swim goggles, speedo swim goggles, swimming caps, swimwears, swimsuits, swimming goggles and more.  Poqswim's products are now sold worldwide, with major markets being in North and South America, Europe and Australasia. It is also an OEM for some of the world's leading sports brands.

Shenzhen Geno Enterprises: Unit G217, Hua chuang da centre business building, Xinghua 1 Road, 42 Baoan district,Shenzhen, China. Website:www.genosports.com and www.swimdivinggear.com Tel: +86-755-28700891/ph:+86 (0) 13411748266 E-mail:sports3@swimdivinggear.com

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