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A Glengarry (also Glengarry bonnet or Glengarry cap) is a type of cap which Alasdair Ranaldson MacDonell of Glengarry invented and wears in the portrait to the right, a boat-shaped cap without a peak made of thick-milled woollen material with a toorie or bobble on top and ribbons hanging down behind, capable of being folded flat. It became part of the uniform of a number of Scottish regiments, with differences in whether or not the cap had a diced band around above the brim and in the colors. For a period in the late 19th century it was worn by all British soldiers. A cap described in a 1937 amendment to the Dress Regulations for the Army as "similar in shape to the Glengarry" became the Universal Pattern Field Service Cap of the British Army in World War II. The Glengarry is now worn by all of the Scottish infantry regiments as an alternative to the tam o'shanter, particularly in parade dress (when it is always worn) and by pipers.

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Glengarry Bonnet Definition

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