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Below you will find some additional headwear classifications to study.


  • toupee

  • wig

Headgear organised by function


  • biretta

  • bowler hat

  • galero (cardinal's hat)

  • coif

  • fez

  • Geneva hat

  • Greek miter, also Greek mitre

  • mitre, also miter, (bishop's tall pointed cap)

  • Papal Tiara, also triregnum

  • Shtreimel, Hasidic Jewish hat

  • Spodik, another type of Hasidic hat

  • turban

  • veil

  • wimple a nun's headdress which covers her hair, sides of her face and throat, worn by other women in earlier centuries

  • yarmulke - Jewish skullcap; also Kippah, koppel, capel, coppel

  • zucchetto - Catholic skullcap; also pileolus, berettino, calotte, subbiretum, submitrale, soli-deo

Military and police

  • barretina

  • beefeater

  • bearskin

  • beret

  • bersagliere

  • Bone dome - closely fitting solid helmet designed to resist impacts within the cockpit of military aircraft

  • busby

  • campaign hat, also drill instructor hat, drill sergeant hat, ranger hat, sergeant hat, Smokey Bear hat

  • Caubeen

  • Combination Cap

  • feather bonnet

  • garrison cap, also campaign cap, flight cap, garrison hat, overseas cap

  • gas mask

  • Glengarry, also Glengarry bonnet, Glengarry cap

  • helmet

  • kepi

  • lemon squeezer

  • shako

  • Slouch hat



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