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zucchetto is a small skullcap worn by clerics of the Roman Catholic Church. It was first adopted for practical reasons to keep the clergy's tonsured heads warm in cold, damp churches and has survived as a traditional item of dress.

All ordained members of the church are entitled to wear the zucchetto. As with much ecclesiastical apparel, the colour of the zucchetto denotes the wearer's rank: the Pope's zucchetto is white, those worn by cardinals are red, and those worn by bishops are violet. Priests and deacons may wear a black zucchetto. A black zucchetto with red piping was formerly the mark of a monsignor, although this usage is now only rarely observed.

All clerics who hold the episcopal character (that is to say, bishops whether the Pope, cardinals, titular bishops or diocesan bishops) wear the zucchetto throughout most of the Mass, removing it at the commencement of the Canon and replacing it at the conclusion of the Communion. No others are permitted to wear the zucchetto at Mass.



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