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Welcome to the jewelry design section of the Apparel Search Jewelry Guide.  This section is not actually a guide to help you design jewelry.  These pages are for you to research jewelry based on a specific design type.  For example, jewelry with holiday motifs, heart shaped jewelry etc.

Time to review the most popular designs.

Angel Jewelry

Animal Shape Jewelry

Bird Design Jewelry

Butterfly Jewelry

Cat Design Jewelry

Christmas Jewelry

Christmas Tree Jewelry

Clover Shaped Jewelry

Cross Jewelry

Custom Jewelry Designs

Disney Character Jewelry

Dog Design Jewelry

Fish Design Jewelry

Flower Design Jewelry

Halloween Design Jewelry

Heart Shaped Jewelry

Holiday Design Jewelry

Horse Design Jewelry

Jewish Star Jewelry

Monogrammed Jewelry

Religious Jewelry

Smiley Face Jewelry

Star Shape Jewelry Designs

St. Patrick's Day Jewelry

Tweety Bird Jewelry

Valentines Day Jewelry

In the above section you will learn about special designs.  If you are looking to learn about actual designers, you may want to check the jewelry designers page for more information.

If you enjoy learning about jewelry design you may also find the following sections of our guide to be helpful.






Jewelry by Metals

Jewelry by Stones

Jewelry Network

If you wish to shop you may want to check out the Jewelry Store page (Amazon).

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