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A plus-size model is a female fashion model who wears a dress size 14 or higher in North American sizing, 14 or higher in Australian sizing, and 16 or higher in U.K. sizing. Plus-size modeling is growing, with agency divisions being created to specifically locate and develop potential models to serve the apparel industry. High fashion designers are also starting to look more closely at the earning potential from this sector of the industry and have started booking plus-size models for their advertising images and showings. Jean-Paul Gaultier and John Galliano both cast plus-size models in their Spring 2006 showings in Paris.

Emme (Melissa) Aronson is acknowledged as the first plus-size model to achieve widespread recognition in the United States, due partly to being chosen for a Revlon cosmetics campaign, as well as appearing nude in People magazine in 1997, and appearing on their 50 Most Beautiful People lists in 1994 and 1999.

Celebrities who wear plus-size clothing have increasingly been attracting endorsement contracts as advertisers seek to extend size-acceptance into the film, TV and music industries. One example of this trend is Queen Latifah who appears in on-going advertising for CoverGirl cosmetics. In Canada, well-known actress Christina Schmidt appears in the popular TV series, Degrassi: The Next Generation as a plus-size model, and currently models for Torrid.

Some people view the advent of plus-size modeling as a revival of the voluptuous Classical ideal of feminine beauty, as defined by sculptures such as the Venus de Medici and the Winged Victory of Samothrace--i.e., the aesthetic ideal that generally prevailed throughout Western history, until well into the twentieth century.

Models for plus-size clothing include:

Barbara Brickner

Charlotte Coyle

Sophie Dahl

Kate Dillon


Diane Hernandez

Lara Johnson

Syleena Johnson

Toccara Jones

Natalie Laughlin

Valerie Lefkowitz

Kimberley Locke

Anna Loukachenets

Carre Otis

Crystal Renn

Christina Schmidt

Tracie Stern

Mia Tyler

  • Liis Windischmann

External links

Main U.S. plus-size model agencies (*password protected):

Wilhelmina 10/20 division*

Ford 12+ division

Dorothy Combs Models*

L.A. Models*

Irene Marie*

Click Models*

Brand Models 

Model's own or fan-run websites: * Tribute to plus-size models, including image galleries, industry interviews, discussion forum

Christine Alt

Barbara Brickner

Natalie Laughlin

Liis Windischmann

Sage Salzer

Tracie Stern

Lara Johnson

Websites providing information for women interested in becoming plus-size models: * Features agent & model interviews, model resource lists, agency directory, casting and discussion forums * Community and plus-modelling discussion forum * Community and plus-modelling discussion & casting forums

Online communities (for full-figured women) that employ plus-size fashion models:

Figure Magazine * Custom print magazine of Charming Shoppes Inc., with fashion editorials featuring plus-size models * Plus-size clothing link website; includes fashion editorials and model competitions

Bombshell Magazine * Online Magazine for plus-size women, conducts cover model competitions

AmaZe Magazine * Online magazine for plus-size women

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