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Do you have a background in ladies wear?  Do you also possess either experience, or an interest in and sensitivity to the needs of the plus-size woman's clothing needs?

Plus size women's wear is a fantastic market.  In the past, clothing manufacturers appeared to be operating under the following misconceptions: one, that having wide hips and large breasts meant a woman was also tall; and two, that women who had any girth at all wished to hide it inside a tent.  Accessorized by a big necklace, a la Miss Piggy.  Although progress has been slow in a world where the minimum size of a plus size model is a size ten, and the average American woman is a size fourteen (and 54), these false ideas about what women want are gradually disappearing, and exciting changes are taking place in plus size fashion.

If you are excited about the fashion opportunities that are opening up for the apple-bottomed hotties and the buxom divas of the world, and have served in a similar role in ladies wear or in multiple product categories, or specifically in the plus size market (ideal!), then a position as a plus size buyer could be waiting for you.  A minimum of three years experience is preferred by most employers.

Due to the fact that statistically, most grown women do not fit into Junior or Misses/missy clothing, the plus size clothing category is often referred to broadly as women's wear.  Apparel Search, however, makes a distinction in our description.  Women's wear are items that are not as trendy or youthful as those found in the Juniors or Misses section but may include some of the same items, but extend up to about size 18.  Sizes such as 16W, 18W, and 20 and above are the ones more often located in a plus size section or store, and have more generous cuts in the bosom, hips, arms, thighs, etc. all the places we ladies to hold our weight as we age and have children.

Just like in a women's wear department, quality, well-made items that will not fade with a few launderings or a few months of changing fashion dictates are essentials.  Women do most of the household purchasing and budgeting, and in general, if they are going to allocate time or money for themselves, they expect quality.

Strong communication and relationship-building skills are a requirement.  You will manage the training and development of administrative assistants and support your junior buyer(s) in their projects.  You will collaborate with the principals in other teams, with whom you will work at various stages in the buying process, in order to bring your company maximum profits. You will also communicate and meet extensively with suppliers, vendors, and clients who function outside of your company.

A successful plus size buyer (in fact, any senior buyer in the fashion industry) is clothed with negotiation skills of the highest quality.  You will need to pull out all the communication and relationship-building stops when dealing with suppliers.  It is your job to make sure that order are delivered both quickly and accurately.  You will carry yourself with grace in even the most tense, time-pressed situations. 

You will find yourself working side-by-side with the merchandising team of your company.  The buying team and merchandising teams work together on pre-season orders and in-season repeat orders.  They work together to create pricing and promotional strategies that will, in turn, create the highest profit margins for the company.

You will be called upon daily to think on your feet and make quick decisions.  These should be informed decisions.  If you can translate numerical data into practical and profitable decisions, it will ultimately increase sales margins for clients for their plus-size customers. Ultimately, this increases profit margins for your company.

Your technical eye will help you build solid product and category ranges for your company and your clients.  Your passion for the plus size market and your experience in the field will be the keys to your success.

Search for apparel industry employment as a Plus Size Clothing Buyer

If you are interested in shopping for plus size clothing or doing research about available plus size fashion, you can visit our retailer section and visit Women's Clothing Stores and then you will find the section for plus size clothing stores.  You can also find wholesalers of plus size fashion in the wholesaler section.  In that section you will also find an area for women's clothing and then you will spot the section for plus size clothing wholesalers.

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