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If you really want to learn more about fashion and textiles, you may want to check out the fashion industry network.  Great place to meet the pros.

fashion directory  ATDC (India) Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC) conceptualized the Apparel Training & Design centres (ATDC) to meet the industry's growing requirement for a steady supply to trained workforce and professionals with domain expertise especially in apparel manufacturing technology. AEPC having strong linkages with the industry and serving over 90 % of export value in the apparel sector, has promoted and aided the reach of ATDC to almost all apparel manufacturing Hubs across the country.  The Apparel Training and Design Centre was registered as a Society under societies Registration Act on February 15, 1991 at Delhi. The key Objectives are To provide skilled manpower to the industry in order to improve the technical edge in manufacturing as per international parameters To generate employment opportunities for weaker sections of Society by providing them training in the field of Apparel making and allied areas. To upgrade the technical skills for the human resource employed in Garment Industry.

fashion directory  British Textile Technology Group : (BTTG) is an independent research and technology center with roots in the textile industry but providing a wide range of services applicable also in many other spheres of industry and commerce. Specialist topics include textiles, materials science, biotechnology, environmental science, carpets and cleaning, geotextiles and fire technology.  The overall aim is to work in partnership with clients to move their business forward through expert consultancy, research, testing, training and certification services.

fashion directory  Fashion Business Inc.: the Fashion Business Inc, provides seminars and courses to help educate members of the fashion industry.

fashion directory EDI Academy Inc: The EDI Training courses offered by the EDI Academy may be an excellent door opener for individuals starting out in the EDI industry. They can also be outstanding knowledge transfer sessions for best practices and successful EDI implementations for seasoned EDI professionals. These courses provide an opportunity for anyone whose work requires understanding and use of EDI to gain better knowledge of EDI fundamentals and best practices. What makes this course unique is the application of real world examples from various companies and industries. After completing these courses, class members will gain better comprehension of EDI fundamentals and they will also be provided with coaching on how to overcome major EDI challenges and apply the learned best practices. Address: 8880 Rio San Diego Dr Suite 505 San Diego, CA 92108 Phone 858-605-0412 Contact: Michael Kotoyan

  Heart-Hunters Consulting : Heart-Hunters Consulting President Valerie B Cooper offers her clients over 35 years of hands-on garment industry experience. HHC provides a wide range of services: R&D on textiles, R &D on soft & hardlines, startup ventures, feasibility studies, business plans, troubleshooting & fine tuning for ongoing production-big and small, remote & on -site QC & production management, sourcing of textiles & contractors, full package production, factory matchmaking, vendor compliance, environmentally sustainable & socially compliant garment manufacturing alternatives. Heart-Hunters Consulting is your solution for support in all areas of R&D,sourcing, product development & production. Let them take your company to the next level of achievement. We also offer small batch production for better goods. Now with operations in Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Dallas. Contact: Valerie Cooper at Phone 479-601-1465 or 818-676-9454 R&D for Textile & Product Development Production Management Factory Match Making Services Small Batch for Better Goods Sourcing & Quality Assurance

fashion directory  Liza D Productions: Liza D Productions specializes in Pattern making and sample making. They also take you through production. Clients include leading manufacturers, retail chains, celebrities, project runway winners, and sport stars.  Liza specializes in designers new to the industry, guiding them through each process clearly.  Liza D Productions has enjoyed many of her start up clients go on to be great success. Production is set up domestically. They do help set clients up over seas as well.   In addition to the services mentioned above, Liza D provides a 2 Day Seminar.  The fashion business is cutting edge, and has been structured more to confuse new comers then nurture their talents and potential. If you don't know how to sell what you hope to make, how do you get started? Liza will take away the mystery of garment manufacturing. You will understand the pros of domestic manufacturing and the cons of overseas manufacturing and how it applies to your business. You will learn the secrets of sourcing for fabrics, contractors, manufacturers, sales agents, trade shows and the process of starting your business- all in an intensive 2-day workshop. Liza turns theory into practice. Her no nonsense approach to starting a business is precise, particular and most important do-able. This weekend is designed for anyone from young designers starting out on their first business venture to industry professionals seeking a fresh perspective on the realities of the garment business, or professionals looking for a new career. Whether you are a clothing designer, handbag designer, Jewelry designer, this course is a MUST. If you are interested in retail, this course will give you the tools you need to do private label, retail costing, budgeting and the basics of getting started and increasing sales steadily.  Contact Liza for information on where and when the seminars take place.  Address 15 Leroy St #9 New York New York 10014 Phone 917-509-6181 Fax 212-243-3228 Email: Contact: Liza D

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fashion directory  Nonwovens Cooperative Research Center: The mission of the Center is to become a national, pivotal resource:

fashion directory  SFCACT (The San Francisco Center for Applied Competitive Technologies) / Garment 2000: They are a grant funded program that provides training and support to the Northern California Apparel Industry.  They serve both businesses and employees through technical assistance and classroom training.  Garment 2000, housed at City College of San Francisco provides training and technical assistance to individuals and to businesses within the apparel sector. They host a demonstration center with state-of-the-art equipment for use in our training. 

fashion directory  Screen Printing Technical Foundation (SPTF)

fashion directory  TC Squared [TC]2   Textile Clothing Technology Corporation.  Spoolio: CD rom education tool.

fashion directory  Textiles Human Resources Council:  you can receive training for the manufacturing of yarn, weaving process, knitting process, dyeing, finishing etc.  Phone # 613 230 7217 e-mail:  

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fashion directory  Werner Infotex (a service of Werner International): global market intelligence service offering manufacturers, importers, exporters and retailers of yarns, fabrics, apparel and other textile-related products access to informational databases.  Good resource for research.

fashion directory  Wool Research Organization of New Zealand (Inc.): WRONZ is the premier laboratory concerned with the science and technology of New Zealand wool. WRONZ aims to maximise the flow of new technologies which can be tailored to create advantages for the businesses which depend on New Zealand wool for their livelihood. By this process WRONZ aims to create new international demand for New Zealand wool and to increase the value added on-shore