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The Fashion Business, Inc. 501(c)(3) provides the Fashion Industry with the resources and training to turn businesses into a profitable reality.

FBI Resource Centers, along with our website and business partners, offer our members business education, technical training, sourcing, networking, marketing and consulting services. These services promote the success of FBI members and insure the future vibrancy of America's fashion industry.

The FBI Provides:

  • Professional development, mentoring, business and management training to owners of apparel businesses.
  • Job training and job retraining to assist manufacturers and their employees' retain and retrain for future growth
  • Opportunities for networking and introductions to industry services, resources, suppliers and products.
  • Marketing and promotion of members' products.
  • A common ground for the diverse sectors of the Apparel Industry to join together for their mutual benefit.
  • A crossroads of manufacturers and contractors.
  • Support and reinforcement of the US apparel industry.
  • Employment and tax revenues through the growth of successful businesses.

The FBI offers targeted business education, sourcing, networking opportunities, marketing and consulting services through its resource center, online training and business partnerships. 

The FBI offers Training:

Most modules have been developed to provide two to three hours of industry specific business development information. Some classes may require more hours to complete the tasks and to comprehend fully the materials covered. All modules and classes are taught by working industry professionals who fully understand the needs of today's fast changing global apparel industry.

Learn more about the Fashion Business Inc. at their website.

The Fashion Business Inc.
110 East 9th Street Suite C798 Los Angeles, CA 90079
Phone: 213.892.1669

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