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If you are interested in fashion and the fashion industry, you may need more information.  The fashion incubators are very helpful resources, but you may also want to check out a few of our other fashion industry websites.  From these sites, you can find fashion jobs, read fashion industry news, locate fashion design resources etc.

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Do you have a small fashion business?  If you need to gain additional exposure, you can check out the Fashion Press Release website.  Also, if you are not listed in the Apparel Search directory, you should certainly do so.  You can find the link to "add your company" from the bottom of any of our pages.  You can also add your fashion business at our new directory site called the Clothing Industry Directory.

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When working in the apparel industry, a fashion incubator is a wonderful way to learn about the industry.  It is also important to communicate with other active members of the fashion industry so that you can education yourself as much as possible.  You can meet other members of the fashion industry at the Fashion Industry Network.

Fashion Business Incorporated (FBI) [Los Angeles] Fashion Business Inc. (501c3) provides California's apparel entrepreneurs with the resources and training to turn their vision into a profitable reality. The FBI Resource Center along with their website and business partners offers their members industry specific business & compliance education, sourcing, networking and marketing and consulting services. These services promote the success of FBI members and insure the future vibrancy of California's fashion industry. It is the goal of the FBI to make said services available at low or no cost to it's members. Providing professional development, mentoring, business and management training to owners and prospective owners of small apparel businesses. Offering opportunities for networking and introductions to industry services, resources, suppliers and products. Marketing and promotion of members' products. Creating a common ground for the diverse sectors of the Los Angeles Apparel Industry to join together for their mutual benefit. Creating a crossroads of manufacturers and contractors. Supporting and reinforcing downtown as the center of the Apparel Industry in Southern California through real estate location services. Enhancing employment and tax revenues through the growth of small businesses.

Fashion Design Council (FDCI) - India: Under its aegis, the FDCI will represent the interests of fashion designers. It will nurture the growth of this industry, help develop the needs of the industry, and provide a platform for Indian fashion designers. The Indian Fashion Industry, in international terms is embryonic. Expansion and awareness of the industry in India has leapt multifold in the last ten or twelve years of its existence. As the opportunities for designers grow and develop so will the need for such a council in India. Fashion Design Councils or Associations exist in all the primary fashion centers of the world. These councils were established to provide support and to benefit this vastly expanding and lucrative industry. In London, there is the British Fashion Council, in New York, the CFDA, and in Paris there is the Chambre Syndicale du Pret-a-porter des Couturiers et des Createurs de Mode. The FDCI will form a cohesive platform for designers. Create representations between its members and related governmental bodies, retailers and manufacturers thereby making the supply chain a smoother process. The council will conceptualize market trends and coordinate with manufacturers and retailers for the development of fabrics, prints etc.

Fashion-Enter is a dedicated not for profit company that has been created to provide fashion designers with all they need to succeed.  Based on the last five years of work with the London Fashion Forum (LFF) Jennifer Holloway, Director Fashion-Enter Ltd, decided to continue the excellent work of the LFF when the funding from the London Development Agency expired in March 2006.  Jennifer commented "The concept of the LFF was an excellent support mechanism for today's industry.  Its remit was for all sectors of the Clothing and Textile Industry and it embarked on some excellent iniatitives such as the Profile fashion event, FashionCapital, Delivery Day, Dealing Direct and many more. When the LFF was drawing to a close they found that they had a strong following from designers in particular and they were constantly requested to continue support for this sector."
Fashion-enter does not replicate any of the projects from the LFF; it has a clear objective of providing specialist support from a wide cross section of business areas for designers from Access to Finance to an on-line boutique, from printing to custom made web design; in total there are 15 specialists on the site that are there to help designers at all levels of their business.

Fashion HQ (New Zealand) Fashion HQ is Wellington's first and only apparel sector incubator.  It supports up to ten creative enterprises that have potential for rapid financial growth. Fashion HQ is looking to recruit companies from the wider apparel sector who have a clear vision and are passionate and committed to growing their business. Their vision is to be the most successful developer of high growth apparel businesses in New Zealand.  Their mission is to enable apparel start up businesses to be successful in the national and global economy by providing best practice business support and quality infrastructure.

London Apparel Resource Center (London A.R.C) : the premier facility for talented young designers starting out with a driving ambition to make their unique mark on the world of international fashion.  London A.R.C will give you the tools, show you the ropes, guide you to the path of success, and expose your creativity to the people who matter, Manufacturers, Retailers, C.M.T Factories.  They provide grants, training, work studios, CAD facilities and more.

The Melbourne Design and Fashion Incubator  The Melbourne Design and Fashion Incubator (MDFI) is a not-for-profit organisation built on the need to grow and nurture young designers; to transpose them into successful businesses and business people with customer following and provide assistance as they compete locally and globally. MDFI was established in June 2001 and is the first and only design and fashion Incubator in Australia and is one of only five in the world. It is currently located on Level 4 of the Melbourne Central building and comprises: A Retail Gallery which showcases and sells MDFI designerswares; Studio and working space for designers; and A wide range of facilities for designers.   Melbourne Design and Fashion Incubator assists designers through its core services of Mentoring, Research and Development tools, and training; Selling and marketing avenues particularly selling designers ranges through the MDFI Retail Gallery and wholesale and other retailers; Studio facilities (as required); Equipment, including: cutting tables, sewing machines etc; and A sense of community and support between designers and MDFI's team.

New York Fashion Incubator : the New York Fashion Incubator specializes in helping companies and individuals that live or work in New York.

Fashion Incubator San Francisco at Macy's Union Square: FISF is a non-profit incubator committed to turning fashion apparel designers into successful San Francisco entrepreneurs and employers. Each year, FISF will provide six Designers in Residence with premiere workshop space at Macy's offices in downtown San Francisco and will offer yearlong business operations training from experts in the San Francisco fashion and economic development communities.

Texas Next Top Designer  Dallas Fashion Incubator, a non-profit organization committed to nurturing diverse entrepreneurs by supporting business development for the fashion and aligned industries, has changed its name to Texas' Next Top Designer, Inc. Dallas Fashion Incubator mentors designers and promotes diverse aspects of the Dallas apparel industry through individualized business assistance opportunities made available to a cross-section of the community. The Incubator actively supports economic development in this vital sector of the Dallas workforce through the hands-on efforts and charitable involvement of its volunteers.  Dallas Fashion Incubator is an equal opportunity, multi-faceted program that encompasses the following elements: The Link, a database of products and fashion-related services in the Dallas region created and maintained as a vehicle to support all aspects of the local apparel industry; "The Incubator," a Retail Showroom/business Development Center offering a hands-on retail experience, promotional assistance, and education regarding start-up costs: and Workshops/seminars, offering classes taught by industry professionals, are open to community members for a nominal fee to allow for cost recovery.  Fees may be waived on a financial need basis to ensure equal access.  Dallas Fashion Incubator strives to build relationships and creative exchanges with other fashion incubators and educators throughout the country and abroad in order to enhance opportunities for economic development within the Dallas apparel industry. Additionally, Dallas Fashion Incubator seeks to reduce prejudices in the industry by promoting a diverse mix of fashion and accessory designers from all walks of life and economic backgrounds.

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