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Welcome to the Retail Link Training resources page for the apparel industry.

Retail Link is an internet based tool created by Wal-Mart, which allows suppliers to access point of sale data and other important information.

It is very important to note that we do not think that these companies are in any way associated with or endorsed by Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.  If you have questions about any of these companies, you should ask them for clarification.  If they indicate that they are associated with Walmart, we would suggest you double check that point directly with Walmart.   We strongly suggest that you do NOT share your corporate login or passwords with any company.

In our opinion, the best way to train on Walmart relevant topics is to receive training directly from Walmart.  Learn more at

Walmart News Online: Are you a Walmart supplier? Are you using Retail Link® to analyze and optimize your Walmart account? The Retail Link® Training Classes and On-Demand Video Training offered by Trend Results is a method to help maximize and streamline your Walmart business.

Trend Results: The Retail Link® Training Classes, On-Demand Video Training and Supplier Consulting services offered by Trend Results are possible methods for helping create actionable intelligence in order to optimize and streamline your Walmart business.  Walmart relies on their suppliers to use Retail Link® to proactively manage their accounts. The Trend Results analysts have a combined 21 years of experience using Retail Link® to analyze the performance of their clients' accounts.  Building on this experience, they are able to turn hard data into actionable intelligence, providing their clients with a road map to maximizing their potential.

Rapid Train: Participating in the many available supplier training sessions offered through Rapid Training Solutions means you will have one of the most cost-effective training available for any Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and Sam's Club vendor. Whether you're joining them at one of their week-long training sessions throughout the United States or participating in an on-demand supplier training class, you or your employee will find the most updated information regarding supply chains, inventory management, Retail Link and more. You can't afford to do business with Walmart or Sam's Club and not have this training.  They are that confident in the return on your investment.

Delta Associates: New to Retail Link®? Instead of being overwhelmed by all the features and options, you can get a smooth start with this companies help. This webinar includes topics such as: Customizing your home page, making commonly used applications available on your home page, Setting up My Business at a Glance, learning quick reporting with SWAS, Locating the applications and documentation most pertinent to your needs, such as Walmart Calendar, Maps, Decision Support, and Store/club lists. Their On-Demand Retail Link Video Training modules can save you both time and money.  Their task-specific and comprehensive training videos are an ideal choice for the busy Walmart Supplier.  The Retail Link training videos offered on their website are designed to get you up to speed on very specific topics relating to Retail Link in a short period of time. Why sit through an entire full-day training class just to learn about the Supplier Performance Scorecard or creating a store specific order (SSO).

You may also want to read about Retail Link 2.0 on our fashion blog.

Again, we do not think that the companies listed in this section on directly associated with Walmart.  You can discuss with Walmart regarding their suggestions in regard to training.

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