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  Aachen Textile Center, Inc (Germany) : Non-profit membership organization of companies, institutions and individuals in the German textile industry, involved in the development and promotion of educational programs, professional training, and research and technology transfer.

  ACSA. International Cotton Institute (USA) : Joint venture between the American Cotton Shippers Association (ACSA) and the University of Memphis, providing basic education in all aspects of the cotton industry and the international business environment.

  AHRC. Apparel Human Resources Council (Canada) : Employer-union organization founded to assist management and labour in achieving objectives in education and training, science and technology, and the creation of a database.

  Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology (Bangladesh) : The Department of Textile Technology.

  AUTEX. Association of Universities for Textiles (Belgium) : Umbrella organization of global universities, offering training, education, research and technology transfer in textiles, and textile related facilities.

  BGMEA. Institute of Fashion Technology (Bangladesh) : Continuous training courses for employees in garment manufacturing and management.

  Budapest University of Technology and Economics - Hungary. The Department of Polymer Engineering and Textile Technology.

  Buffalo State University (USA) : Design Department. Courses in ceramics, fiber arts, furniture, interior, jewelry, graphics, theater, computer and textile design.

  California School of Professional Fabric Design (USA) : Industry recognized courses in fabric and surface design.

  Clemson University (USA) : The School of Textiles, Fiber and Polymer Science.

  Cornell University (USA) : The College of Human Ecology's Department of Textiles and Apparel.

Cranfoeld University (United Kingdom) :. Master's level continuing professional development course.

  CTFL SETA (South Africa) : Training and education center for the South African textile, apparel, leather and footwear industries.

  Dattajirao Kadam Education Society (India) : The Department of Textiles in the Textile and Engineering Institute.

Donghua University (China) : The School of Textiles.

Dresden University of Technology (Germany) : The Department of Mechanical Engineering's, Institute of Textile and Clothing Technology.

  Eastern Michigan University (USA) : Textile and nonwovens design, decoration and fabric manipulation programs.

  ENDYSI (Greece) : Non-profit organization founded by the Hellenic Fashion Industry Association, dedicated to provide vocational training to employees in the Greek textile and apparel industries.

  ENSITM. Ecole Nationale Superieure des Industries Textiles de Mulhouse (France) : Department for textile and clothing training of professionals in the industry. Also, commercial research and development services.

  E.S.AA.T Roubaix (France) : National school for industrial and textile art and design. Two year course in yarn spinning, fabric weaving, dyeing and finishing, and flexible materials and fabrics.

  Fachhochschule Niederrhein (Germany) : The Textile and Clothing Department.

  The Flooring Guild (United Kingdom) :. Training and education center for the British carpet, rugs and hard surface flooring industry, focusing on cost estimating, planning, management skills, sales and customer service. Downloadable distant learning programs on PDF files.

  George Brown Toronto City College (Canada) : The Fashion Management Program.

  Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) : The Composites Education and Research Center.

  Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) : The School of Textile and Fiber Engineering.

  Harvard University (USA) : The Harvard Center for Textile and Apparel Research.

  Heriot-Watt University (United Kingdom) :. The School of Textiles.

  Inkberrow Design Centre (United Kingdom) :. Textile center of excellence, providing vocational and recreational training courses in millinery, tailoring, fashion and fashion illustration, theatre costumes, interior design and soft furnishings.

  Institute for Textile Production Systems (Switzerland) : Courses in textile machinery, process technology and automation, and textile measuring technology.

  Institute of Textile Technology (USA) : Private, non-profit institute for textile research and education, providing training at graduate level. The institute maintains one of the largest textile research and development libraries in the world, keeping the textile industry apprised of global research findings.

  Institute of Textiles and Clothing (Hong Kong) : Department of the Hong Kong Polytechnic, offering courses in textile and garment design, production and management.

  Iowa State University (USA) : The Center for Visual Learning in Textiles and Clothing.

  ISTA. l'Institut Supérieur Textile d'Alsace (France) : Personnel training courses in manufacturing, marketing, purchasing, sales and design for the textile, clothing and retailing industry.

  Itech (France) : Private school for polymer sciences, providing Master degree courses in textile, leather, plastics, paint, ink, adhesive and cosmetic chemistry.

  Kibrell Campus & Textile Technology Center : NCCATT. Center for Applied Textile Technology (USA) : Part of the Gaston Colleg, offering programs in textile technology, management, industrial safety and computers.  The North Carolina Center for Applied Textile Technology (NCCATT), Belmont, N.C., has merged with Dallas, N.C.-based Gaston College as a result of legislation signed into law by North Carolina Gov. Mike Easley. The NCCATT campus now is called Gaston

  LIFT Group (The Netherlands) : Vocational center for education, training and knowledge transfer in the Dutch textile and apparel industry. Part of the European partnership Tekot International.

  LIM. Laboratory Institute of Merchandising (USA) : College courses in merchandising, marketing, retailing, publishing and promotion for the textile, fashion and fashion accessories, toys, music and television industries.

  Louisiana State University (USA) : The College of Textile Science, Apparel Design, and Merchandising.

  Machina Lonati (Italy) : Educational institute owned and operated by the Lonati Group of companies, specialised in vocational training in fashion and textile design, technologies, marketing and business communication.

  Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design - Hungary. Bachelor programs in the design of textiles, garments and fashion accessories, and textile printing

  National Taiwan University of Science and Technology - Department of Polymer Engineering, focused on research and application studies for the biotechnology, optoelectronic and synthetic fiber industries.

  National Textile University (Pakistan) : Institute for basic and applied research and education in yarn, textile fabrics and garment manufacturing, and textile chemistry and engineering, focused on te Pakistani textile industry.

  NED University of Engineering & Technology (Pakistan) : The Department of Textile Engineering.

  NIFD. National Institute of Fashion Design (India) : Academic courses in textile and fashion, interior and jewelry design, merchandising and marketing.

  NIFT. National Institute of Fashion Technology (India) : Education institution of the Indian Ministry of Textiles, offering courses in textile and leather design, technology, management and merchandising.

  North Carolina State University (USA) : The College of Textiles.

  Northwestern University (USA) : Research center, and graduate studies in composite material science, engineering and applications.

  Ohio State University (USA) : The Department of Consumer and Textile Sciences.

  Opus School of Textile Arts (United Kingdom) :. Independent textile art school offering a program of courses in stitched and embroidered textiles.

  Oregon State University (USA) : The Apparel Design Studio.

  Panipat Institute of Engineering & Technology (India) : The Department of Textile Engineering.

Parsons School of Design (USA) : AAS degree courses in fashion design, manufacturing and marketing.

  Philadelphia University (USA) : The School of Textiles and Materials Technology.

  Reutlingen University (Germany) : Bachelor and Master of Arts and Science degrees in textile and fashion design and management.

  Royal School of Needlework (United Kingdom) :. Self-funding educational charity dedicated to keeping the art of hand embroidery alive in the 21st Century, providing day courses centered around commission restoration of antique works.

Saxion University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands) : The School of Engineering Management, offering full-time courses in textile engineering and management.

  School of Stitched Textiles (United Kingdom) :. Independent textile school, specializing in creative crafts qualifications in on-site and distance learning embroidery, patchwork and quilting courses.

  The SEECOM Project : Education and training project for UK technicians in the resin based fiber reinforced composites industry. Comprehensive guide to composite manufacturing. Links to partner sites and composite resources. Job opportunities.

  Shinshu University (Japan) : The Faculty of Textile Science and Technology.

  Skillfast UK - Sector skils council for the British textile, apparel and footwear industries, formed out of a partnership between employers and trade organizations, and focused on research, education and training activities. List of publications. Extensive career information.

  SSM Institute of Textile Technology (India) : Specialized courses in fiber and textile technologies, marketing and management.

  The Swiss Textile College (Switzerland) : Standard and custom designed vocational training programs for the textile industry. Links to Swiss textile companies. On-line presentation videos.

  Syracuse University (USA) : Fashion and Textile design at the College of Visual and Performing Arts.

  Tampere University of Technology - Finland. The Institute of Fiber Material Science.

  T.C. Ege University (Turkey) : The Textile Engineering Department.

  Technical University of Catalonia (Spain) : The Department of Textile and Paper Engineering.

  Technical University of Iasi (Romania) : The Faculty of Textile and Leather Engineering.

  Technical University of Liberec (Czech Republic) : The Department of Nonwovens.

  Technical University of Liberec (Czech Republic) : The Faculty of Textile Engineering.

  Texas International Cotton School (USA) : Two-week education programs in cotton production, processing and marketing. Detailed curriculum.

  Texas Woman's University (USA) : Department of Fashion and Textiles.

  The Textile Institute of Pakistan - Courses in design, science, technology and management.

  Textiles Research and Training Institute (USA) : Eastern Michigan University. Non-profit organization, dedicated to education, research and training of professionals and consumers on uses of textiles in automotive, furniture and apparel applications.

  THRC. Textile Human Resources Council (Canada) : Non-profit, union-management partnership, created to help industry develop training and education solutions in textile management, essential skills and machine specialism's.

  TITS. Technological Institute of Textile Sciences (India) : : Technological Institute of Textile & Sciences, a name synonymous with high quality technical education and practical expertise, a name epitomizing strength of character and dignity, a name that has served the industry for more than half a century.  Center for research and education at undergraduate and graduate levels in textile technology and science.

  University College of Borås (Sweden) : The School of Textiles.

  University of Alabama (USA) : The Department of Clothing, Textiles, and Interior Design.

  University of Art and Design Helsinki - Finland. The College of Textile and Fashion Design.

  University of Bielsko-Biala (Poland) : The Faculty of Textile Engineering and Environmental Protection.

  University of California Davis (USA) : Division of Textiles and Clothing.

  University of Catalunya (Spain) : The Institute of Textile Research and Industrial Cooperation. (INTEXTER)

  University of Gent (Belgium) : The Department of Textiles.

  University of Huddersfield (United Kingdom) :. Department of Textiles.

  University of Kentucky (USA) : The Department of Interior Design, Merchandising and Textiles handbook.

  University of Leeds (United Kingdom) :. School of Textile Industries.

  University of Manchester (United Kingdom) : The Department of Textiles.

  University of Manitoba (Canada) : Faculty of Human Ecology's Department of Textile Science. 

  University of Massachusetts (USA) : Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree programs in textile Technologies.

  University of Missouri (USA) : The Department of Textile and Apparel Management.

  University of Nebraska (USA) : The Department of Textiles, Clothing and Design.

  University of North Carolina-Greensboro (USA) : The Departments of Textile Products Design and Marketing.

  University of North Texas (USA) : Programs in textile, fashion and interior design in the School of Visual Arts.

  University of Rheinland-Westfalen (Germany) : The Institute for Textile Technology.

  University of Rhode Island (USA) : The Department of Textiles, Fashion Merchandising and Design.

  University of Southampton (United Kingdom) :. Winchester School of Art's Textile Conservation Centre, providing education of textile conservators and consultants.

  University of Stuttgart (Germany) : The Institute for Textile and Fiber Chemistry.

  University of Twente (The Netherlands) : The Faculty of Chemical Technology. The Textile Technology Group.

  University of Zagreb (Croatia) : The Faculty of Textile Technology.

  Wilhelm Lorch Foundation (Germany) : Non-profit organization, involved in education and training in textile design, technology, management and marketing, and related media, communication and Internet services. English and German.

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