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  ABG Geosynthetics (United Kingdom) :. Woven and nonwoven fabrics, products and composite structures for erosion control, drainage and reinforcement systems in construction and civil engineering.

  ABG, Ltd (United Kingdom) :. Manufacturers and suppliers of geocomposite drainage and gas venting layers, erosion control products, and woven and nonwoven geotextiles for landfill containment, tunnels, highways, green roofs and sustainable urban drainage. Technical information.

  ACE Geosynthetics Enterprise Co., Ltd (Taiwan) : Manufacturers of woven geogrids, from high-strength polyester. Also, net fabrics for agricultural applications, from polyolefins. Detailed product catalogs, with technical specifications. English and Chinese.

  African Gabions Pty., Ltd (South Africa) : Manufacturers and suppliers of gabions, mattresses, nettings, grids and nonwoven geotextiles for geotechnical and civil engineering applications. Technical information and specifications. Installation guides. Links to telated sites. Part of the Maccaferri Group.

  AGH Industries, Inc (USA) : Manufacturers of geocell confinement systems for military, landscaping, civil engineering, erosion control and retaining wall applications, from high-density polyethylene. Detailed product descriptions and installation procedures.

  Agru America, Inc. (USA) : Manufacturers of geomembranes and structures. Also, protection liners, pipes and pipe liners. Large section with product and application descriptions, and technical data.

  Alyaf Industrial Co., Ltd (Saudi Arabia) : Manufacturers of needlepunch fabrics for a wide range of geotechnical applications, thermal insulation, membrane protection and waste containment systems, from polyester. Extensive technical information. Fabric specifications, brochures and technical notes on PDF files.

  American Excelsior Co (USA) : Manufacturers of erosion and sediment control blankets, grids and related products. Detailed product catalog. Technical specifications, installation guides, material safety data and technical papers on PDF files.

  Asahi Kasei Geotechnologies Co., Ltd (Japan) : Manufacturers of fabric forms, block mats, spunbond and needlepunch geotextiles and composites, and geogrids for geotechnical ind civil engineering projects. Technical information. Part of the Asahi Kasei Corp.

  Atarfil SL (Spain) : Design, manufacture and supply of thermoplastic geomembranes, grids and complementary products for environmental and civil engineering projects, and building applications. Detailed product catalog. Technical information and specifications on PDF files.

  Barbiflex Srl (Italy) : Manufacturers of needlepunch, thermobonded geotextiles, from polypropylene. Descriptions of product applications and functions.

  Bend Tarp & Liner, Inc (USA) : Manufacturers of pond and lake liners for residential, industrial and commercial use. Technical information and specifications.

  BP Amoco Group (USA) : Multi-national petro-chemical company. Geotextiles for civil and environmental engineering. Woven and nonwoven fabrics for drains, roadways, railroads, erosion control, embankments, landfills and retaining wall systems. Extensive product specifications on PDF files. Requires Acrobat Reader.

  Carlisle Syntec, Inc - Design and manufacture of reinforced and unreinforced polypropylene membrane systems for aquaculture, and water treatment and storage plants. Also, single-ply roofing systems, georods and geoflashing sheets. Extensive technical information on PDF files. List of fabricators and installers.

  Carthage Mills (USA) : Woven and nonwoven, standard and custom designed geofabrics for separation, draining, erosion control and retaining applications. Also, suppliers of geogrids. Detailed product specifications.

  Coletanche (United Kingdom) :. Manufacturers of bitumen coated nonwoven geomembranes for environmental protection and civil engineering works. Technical information and specifications.

  Conwed Fibers (USA) : Manufacturers of erosion control and landscape products from mulch and wood fiber, seed mattings and polypropylene, extruded nettings. Section on lawn care.

  Cooley Group, Inc (USA) : Advanced polymer materials for transportation, recreation, safety, protective, construction and medical applications. High-performance geo-membranes for roofing purposes. Product descriptions and specifications.

  Don & Low, Ltd (United Kingdom) :. Woven geotextiles for separation, filtration, drainage, erosion control and reinforcement applications, from polypropylene. Also, design software and guide.

  Du Pont de Nemour Co Europe - Polypropylene spunbond fabrics for geotechnical applications. Extensive applications descriptions and product datasheets. Installation guidelines and technical papers.

  East Coast Erosion Blankets (USA) : Manufacturers of three-dimensional erosion control blankets for short and extended term, and permanent soil protection, from polypropylene or jute netting with agricultural straw. Technical information, brochures and specifications on PDF files. Guidelines for installation. Channel and slope calculators.

  Edilfloor Spa (Italy) : Regular, scrim reinforced and bitumen coated, needlepunch fabrics for geotechnical and road maintenance applications. Also, nonwoven fabrics for soundproofing, insulation and industrial uses.

  Emas Kiara Industries Bhd - Malaysia. Group of companies, involved in the development, manufacture and installation of woven, knitted and nonwoven needlepunch fabrics and composite structures for geotechnical applications, from polyester and polypropylene. Also, prefabricated vertical drains, geotubes and pipes, clayliners, geocells and biomats. Technical information and product specifications.

  Emas Kiara Industries Bhd - Malaysia. Group of companies, involved in the design and manufacture of woven, nonwoven and composite geotextiles, geogrids, geocomposites, geodrains, and a range of erosion control products. Also, prefabricated vertical drains. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information and drawings.

  Engepol, Ltda (Brazil) : Manufacturers of flat die extruded, smooth and textured polyethylene geomembranes. Also, nets, composites, pipes, cells, gabions and erosion control fabrics. Technical information and specifications on PDF files. Links to related sites.

  Erosion Control Blanket Co (Canada) : Manufacturers of erosion control blankets and turf reinforcement mattings, from straw, coir and polypropylene. Blanket selector. Technical specifications. Installation guides.

  Ewald Dörken AG (Germany) : Diversified multi-national group of manufacturing companies, active in laminated construction sheets, house paints, and coating systems for industrial applications. Roofing sheets, foundation liners, and drainage and sealing products for construction and civil engineering applications.

  Flag Group (Italy) : Group of companies involved in the design, development and manufacture of synthetic waterproofing membranes for roofing, hydraulic works, construction and civil engineering applications, from PVC, ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) and polyester mesh reinforcements. Also, suppliers of waterproofing accessories and welders. Technical information and installation guide. Product brochures on PDF files.

  Garware-Wall Ropes, Ltd (India) : Group of companies, active in ropes, twines and cordage, nettings, multi-filament yarns, and geotechnical nets and fabrics. Woven and nonwoven geotextiles, from polypropylene. Also, plastic and metal gabions, geobags and -tubes, vertical drains and geomembranes. Part of the RBG Group.

  Geo Products, LLC (USA) : Manufacturers of cellular confinement systems for geotechnical applications, from high-density polyethylene. Technical specifications and information. Installation guides.

  GeoCHEM, Inc (USA) : Manufacture, fabrication and distribution of geotechnical products and services for civil engineering, land protection and soil remediation. Product specifications. Installation guides. Extensive links to related sites. List of job offerings. On-line ordering.

  GEOfabrics, Ltd (United Kingdom) :. Needlepunch fabrics for geotechnical end uses.

  Godfreys of Dundee, Ltd (United Kingdom) :. Manufacturers of woven fabrics for erosion control, drainage, reinforcement and ground stabilization, from polypropylene tapes. Also, carpet backings, roofing felts and wrapping fabrics. Links to installation instructions, and uses of geofabrics.

  Greenfix America (USA) : Manufacturers of biodegradable erosion control blankets, landscaping and related products. Technical information and specifications. List of distributors. Glossary of technical terms on PDF files.

  Hayleys Exports, PLC (Sri Lanka) : Subsidiary of Hayleys, PLC involved in the processing and marketing of coir fiber and products. Mesh woven fabrics and stitched blankets for soil erosion prevention, and coir logs for stream bank stabilization applications. Technical specifications. Introduction to coir fiber, methods of extraction, and coir fiber applications.

  Hi-Tech Specialty Fabrics Pvt., Ltd (India) : Manufacturers of woven fabrics for geotechnical applications. Technical specifications.

  Howrah Mills Co., Ltd (India) : Group of jute processing and manufacturing companies. Jute geotextiles for erosion prevention, soil improvement and geotechnical applications. Also, yarns and twines, hessian cloth and bags. Part of the MJ Group.

  Hsia Cheng Textile Co., Ltd (Taiwan) : Woven UV protected nettings for agricultural and geotechnical applications, from high-density polyethylene and polyester filament. Also, mosquito nets.

  Huasu Building Materials Co., Ltd (China) : Manufacturers of extruded and warp knitted geogrids, mats and blankets, from polypropylene and glass fiber. English and Chinese.

  Huesker, Inc (USA) : Marketing arm and technical service center for Huesker Synthetic GmbH, specialised in the supply and manufacture of geogrids, geotextiles, geocomposites and nonwovens. Extensive technical information and material specifications on PDF files.

  Huesker Synthetic GmbH (Germany) : Woven and nonwoven geotextiles, and geogrids, composites and clay liners for civil engineering, agriculture and industrial applications. Detailed product and application descriptions. Link to case studies.

  Huikwang Corp (Taiwan) : Diversified manufacturing company, active in crop protection, specialty chemicals and geosynthetics. Design and manufacture of geomembranes, from high and linear low density polyethylene.

  Huitex Geosynthetics Co., Ltd (Taiwan) : Multi-national company, involved in the custom design, manufacture, distribution and installation of three-layer coextruded polyethylene based geomembrane. Also, geocells. Technical specifications. Product brochures and installation manuals on PDF files. Links to related sites. Part of the Huikwang Group.

  Intermas Nets SA (Spain) : Plastics manufacturing company, involved in films, netting and products for geotechnical, gardening, packaging, construction, agriculture and industrial applications. Extruded, laminated and woven polypropylene and polyethylene meshes for drainage and erosion control in civil and environmental engineering. Technical information. English, Spanish and French.

JayDee Pty., Ltd (Australia) : Manufacturers of cellular confinement systems for slope and channel protection, and earth retention applications. Technical specifications.

  JBC International (India) : Manufacturers of hand loom woven mesh fabrics for geotechnical applications, from coir and jute. Also, sand lock systems and fiber logs, and mattings and baskets.

  Jin Tai Ming Plastics Enterprise Corp (Taiwan) : Manufacturers of polypropylene and polyethylene, woven and nonwoven geotextiles for hydraulic, maritime and geotechnical engineering applications. Technical information and specifications. English and Chinese.

  Jinda Geosynthetics Co., Ltd (China) : Warp-knitted geotextile fabrics, grids and membranes for erosion control, civil engineering and construction applications. Detailed product specifications. Also, tarpaulins and apparel fabrics.

  Jingwei Plastics Co., Ltd (China) : Design, development and manufacture geotextiles, geogrids, and geonets and -mats. English and Chinese.

  Jiuding New Material Co., Ltd (China) : Manufacturers of warp knitted mesh fabrics and composite structures with needlepunch nonwovens for geotechnical applications, from glass fiber, polypropylene and polyester. Also, unidirectional and biaxial plastic geogrids. Technical information and specifications. English and Chinese.

  Johns Group (India) : Diversified group of companies, active in geotextiles, umbrellas and scooters. Manufacturers of open mesh woven fabrics for erosion protection applications, from jute. Technical information and fabric specifications.

  Kaytech Engineered Fabrics (South Africal) : Manufacturers of soltution dyed polyester spunbond fabrics for geotechnical applications. Also, geosynthetic testing services.

  KT Europe, Ltd (United Kingdom) :. European arm of the KT Group, involved in the manufacture of flat woven and flat bed knitted, and spunbond nonwoven fabrics for geotechnical, agricultural and shading applications, from ultraviolet (UV) resistant polypropylene and high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Detailed fabric catalogs, including technical information and specifications.

  Liso Coir Tex (India) : Manufacturers of handwoven geotextile fabrics for soil erosion control, from coir. Also, coir yarns and ropes. Detailed technical specifications.

  Maccaferri Gabions, Inc (USA) : Manufacturers of double twisted wire mesh gabions, gabion mats and sacks for erosion control, and soil retention and reinforcement structures. Suppliers of woven and nonwovens geotextiles, grids and mattresses. Software. List of events. Case studies. Part of the Maccaferri Industrial Group.

  Naue Group (Germany) : Multi-national group of manufacturing companies, active in geotechnology. Woven and nonwoven fabrics and composite structures for landfill enclosure, groundwater protection, civil and hydraulic engineering, and tunnelling. Technical articles and case studies available upon request. Dictionary of industry terms and definitions.

  Neoplastic Plastic Packing, Ltd (Brazil) : Plastics manufacturing company, involved in packaging products, canvasses, layered agricultural films, and membranes. High-density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembranes for civil and environmental engineering works. Technical information and specifications.

  NewGrids, Ltd (China) : International marketing organization of BOSTD Geosynthetics Qingdao, Ltd, involved in bi-axial and uni-axial plastic and glass fiber geogrids for soil reinforcement and stabilization, and asphalt repair and reinforcement applications. Extensive technical information and specifications.

  North American Green, Inc (USA) : Biodegradable erosion control blankets and nettings, from natural and synthetic fibers and materials. Free registration for project analysis software. Technical data, product specifications and information on PDF and Word files. Installation guide, test standards, educational materials, resources and FAQ.

  Novintiss geotextile (France) : Distributors of nonwoven needlepunch geotextiles

  ÖKON-Vegetationstechnik GmbH (Germany) : Manufacturers and installers of mattings, fabrics, bolsters and gabions for the prevention of soil erosion, from jute. Detailed product and installation descriptions.

  Plastika Kritis SA (Greece) : Manufacturers of masterbatches, agricultural films, geosynthetics and polyethylene pipes. High density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembranes for environmental and geotechnical applications. Also, liners, and recycling of plastics.

  Polyfelt GmbH (Austria) : Geosynthetic fabrics, products and composite structures. Extensive product and application descriptions. Technical articles and case studies available upon request. Member of OMV AG.

  Poly-Flex, Inc (USA) : Manufacturers of geomembrane liner products for a wide range of environmental and containment applications. Technical information and specifications.

  Poly Mas Nusantara, PT (Indonesia): They manufacture Geotextile woven and non woven for geotechnical application from Polypropylene and polyester.

  Presto Products Co (USA) : Versatile manufacturing company, active in geosystems, industrial films and wraps, and industrial design. Cellular confinement systems from polyethylene, and interlocking pavement blocks from recycled plastic. Case studies and FAQ. Download of specification development software.

  Pretty Lion Light Industrial Products Co., Ltd (China) : Manufacturers of woven, knitted and nonwoven needlepunch geotextiles, from polyester. Also, geogrids and -nets, synthetic clay liners, gabions and drainage boards. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information and specifications.

  Ravago Group : Multi-national group of companies, active in the distribution, compounding and recycling of plastic and elastomeric raw materials. Manufacturers of geotextiles.

  Raven Industries (USA) : Diversified company, active in engineered plastic films, electronic systems and flow controls. Polyethylene and polypropylene monolayer and co-extruded films, and a wide range of scrim-reinforced films for high-performance industrial and technical, geosynthetic, agricultural and construction applications. Geomembrabe linings and covers for landfills, pond lining and erosion control. Custom laminating and converting services. Extensive technical information on PDF files.

  Renolit AG (Germany) : Design and manufacture of homogeneous or polyester and glass fiber reinforced PVC membranes for waterproofing applications in roofing, mining, geotechnical and chemical markets, and covering and lining uses. Technical information.

  SGS Geotechnik GmbH (Austria) : Manufacturers and suppliers of woven and nonwoven geotextiles, and geosynthetics for civil engineering. Detailed product catalog, with technical information and specifications. List of projects.

  SI Geosolutions (USA) : Manufacturers of woven and nonwoven geotechnical products and textiles for construction, waste containment, water management and site development applications. Technical information and specifications on PDF files. Library of case studies and articles.

  SKAPS Industries (USA) : Manufacturers of fabrics, nets and composite systems for civil and environmental drainage control. Woven and needlepunch nonwoven geotextiles, from polypropylene. Technical specifications and test results. List of job offerings.

  Solmax International (Canada) : Manufacturers of polyethylene geomembranes. Fabricators and installers of geosynthetics. Also, distributors of geotextiles and grids, and drainage, erosion control and landscaping products.

  Synteen Technical Fabrics, Inc (USA) : Design, development and manufacture of woven high-tenacity uni- and biaxial geogrids and fabrics for geotechnical and civil engineering applications, from high-performance polyester filaments. Detailed fabric catalogs, including technical specifications on PDF files. Library of case studies.

  Taifeng Geosynthetics Co., Ltd (China) : Manufacturers and suppliers of geogrids, geocells, geonets and mats, geomembrane and nonwoven geotextiles. Detailed product catalogs.

  Taiyo Kogyo Corp (Japan) : Engineered membranes and fabrics for water treatment, floating fence, erosion prevention systems, and barrier linings, from polyester and polyethylene. Also, fabrics for overhead structures from polyester and fiberglass, and container systems. Link to international membrane design competition.

  TC Mirafi (Spain) : Polypropylene, woven and nonwoven geotextiles, geogrids and specialty products. Case studies. Data sheets, technical documents and installation guidelines on PDF files. Downloadable design software on Zip files. Links to related sites.

  TechFab India (India) : Manufacturers of woven geotextiles, geogrids, and gabions for construction, filtration, separation, drainage, reinforcement, and erosion control applications, from polyester and polypropylene. Technical specifications. Case studies.

  Tenax Spa (Italy) : Multi-national group of manufacturing companies, active in thermoplastic polymer extrusion. Geogrids, nettings and composite structures for erosion control, soft soil stabilization and slope reinforcement. Also, nettings for construction, agriculture and industrial applications. Extensive descriptions of products and uses. Library of geotechnical case histiries. Password protected customer areas.

  Terram Co (United Kingdom) Geosynthetic products and composite structures, and nonwoven geotextile fabrics. Member of BBA Nonwovens.

  Thai Wiring System Co., Ltd - Thailand. Design and manufacture of zinc coated steel wires, and PVC coated gabions, mattresses and mesh products for geotechnical applications. Descriptions of mechanical and physical properties. Technical specifications.

  Thrace-LINQ, Inc (USA) : Manufacturers and suppliers of woven and nonwoven fabrics for geotechnical, agricultural, landscaping and carpet backing applications, from polypropylene. Technical information, fabric specifications, installation guides and library of technical papers on PDF files. Part of Thrace Plastics SA.

  Thulica AB (Norway) : Manufacturers of biodegradable geotextiles, from natural fibers.

  Tildenet, Ltd (United Kingdom) :. Manufacturers of polypropylene netting, and woven and nonwoven geotextiles for civil engineering, construction, fish farming and agriculture. Also, remote controlled pitch protection and covering systems.

  Viganň Pavitex SpA (Italy) : Diversified group of companies, active in needlepunch and fiber bonded carpets, and geotechnical products. Needlepunch fabrics, composite products and plastic grids for geotechnical and civil engineering applications. Technical specifications on PDF files.

  Web Tec, Inc (USA) : Geotextiles and grids for drainage, erosion control, soil stabilization, retaining walls and barrier applications. Also, prefabricated drainage systems and cellular confinement products.

  Werra Plastic GmbH (Germany) : Manufacturers of co-extruded polyethylene films for harvest and plant protection, packaging, and building protection applications. Also, polypropylene and polyethylene geomembranes.

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