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  AFA. American Flock Association (USA) : Trade association for the North American flock industry, and related suppliers and affiliated companies. Short explanation of flock process. Searchable database of member companies. News and events.

  ANFA. Asia Nonwoven Fabrics Association (Japan) : Trade organization for companies and individuals involved in nonwovens and its related industries, focused on events organization, training and education, and knowledge transfer. Business statistics. Links to related sites.

  ANNA. All Nippon Nonwovens Association (Japan) : Trade organization for the Japanese nonwovens industry, and related manufacturers and suppliers of machinery and materials, and trading and consulting companies. List of member companies. Business statistics.

  EDANA - European Disposables And Nonwovens Association (Belgium) : Roof organization for the European nonwovens industry. Includes technical information about the nonwovens industry, its raw materials and processing technologies, end uses, properties and test methods. English, German and French.

  Flock Industry Association (Germany) : Trade organization for the local flock industry, dedicated to the development of safe and ecologically harmless technologies. Categorised company directories. Detailed description of flock process. Downloads of technical information videos. English and German.

  IFA. International Feltmakers Association (USA) : World wide organisation for artists, students, professionals and enthousiasts interested in the history, art and making of felt. List of workshops. Links to related sites.

  INDA. Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry (USA) : Trade organization representing the nonwoven fabrics industry. Large site provides news, event reports, marketing and organization information and a description and definition of the nonwovens industry.

  KNIC. Korea Nonwovens Industry Cooperative (Korea) : Trade organization of the Korean nonwovens industry, dedicated to the economic development of the local industry, educational activities and publications. Company directory. Calendar of events.

  NCBI. National Cotton Batting Institute (USA) : Trade organization for US manufacturers and traders in cotton battings for bedding, home furnishings and upholstery. Introduction to battings. Members' directory. Links to information and related sites.

  NUMA. Needleloom Underlay Manufacturers Association (United Kingdom) :. Trade organization for manufacturers of needlepunch carpet underlay fabrics. Description of felt properties. Links to member companies.

  TNFIA. Taiwan Nonwovens Fabrics Industry Association (China) : Trade organization for manufacturers, converters and suppliers in the Taiwanese nonwovens industry. Searchable company directory. Statistics of local textile, apparel and nonwovens production, and import and export information. Extensive links page to related sites.

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