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  Cosmopolitan Textile Co., Ltd (United Kingdom) :. Manufacturers of stitchbond and needlepunch fabrics for a wide range of industrial applications. Pad dyeing, printing and specialty finishing facilities. Part of the Cha Technologies Group.

  Devold AMT AS (Norway) : Proprietary, stitchbond reinforced engineered knitted fabrics for the composites industry, from carbon, aramid and glass fibers. Part of Hexagon Composites SA

  Draper Knitting Co, Inc (USA) : Textiles and nonwovens manufacturing company. Stitchbond nonwovens for safety products applications, from high-performance fibers. Also, sliver and circular knitted fabrics paint rollers and buffing pads, clothing and footwear liners, gloves and air filtration filters, from recycled polyester fibers. On-line purchasing facility.

  Formax, Ltd (United Kingdom) :. Design and manufacture of engineered multiaxial stitchbond fabrics, meshes and nets for reinforcement applications in the marine, automotive and industrial composites industries, from a range of high-performance fibers. Extensive technical information. Description and video presentation of technology. Interactive design guide.

  Full Long Enterprise Co., Ltd (Taiwan) : Manufacturers of stitchbond nonwovens for apparel, filtration, footwear and industrial applications. Also, interlining fabrics and vertical blinds.

  Hillshine Enterprise Co., Ltd (Taiwan) : Manufacturers of stitchbond nonwoven fabrics for artificial leather substrate, footwear, apparel, fashion accessories and toy applications. Also, suppliers of thermobond and needlepunch fabrics, and thermoplastic adhesive sheets and tapes.

  Hitech Fibre Glass Mattings, Ltd (India) : Manufacturers of stitchbond fabrics for composite reinforcement applications, from glassfiber. Detailed product catalogs, with technical information and specifications.

  Hybler Sro (Czech Republic) : Diversified textile and nonwovens manufacturing company. Stitchbond nonwovens for cleaning, packaging, insulation, bedding and apparel applications. Also, woven fabrics for bedding, apparel and technical uses. Part of the Hybler Group.

  Imeco Group (Germany) : Stitchbond and needlepunch fabrics for cleaning, automotive, filtration and medical applications, from man-made and natural fibers. Private label manufacturing services. English and German.

  Kufner Textilwerke GmbH (Austria) : Manufacturers of a range of woven, nonwoven and knitted interlining products for the garment and fashion industries. Fine coated, stitchbond fabrics from polyamide fibers. Also, regular waddings for lining purposes. English and German.

  New Manta NV (Belgium) : Manufacturers of stitchbond and thermobond fabrics and finished products for cleaning applications, from cotton, viscose and polypropylene. Also, woven cleaning cloth.

  Ofertex Industries, Ltd (Israel) : Manufacturers of nonwoven stitchbond fabrics, from recycled textile wastes. Also, a range of finished consumer products, emergency blankets and geotextiles. Detailed product catalogs, with technical information.

  Pratrivero SpA (Italy) : Multi-national manufacturers of stitchbond and needlepunch fabrics for upholstery and furnishing, medical, geotechnical, automotive and recreational applications. Custom printing, dyeing and specialty finishing services. Multi-lingual site.

  PT. Lotus Indah Textile Industries (Indonesia) : Diversified textiles and nonwovens manufacturing company. Raw white, greige and dyed stitchbond fabrics for curtains and blinds, footwear, cleaning, bed spreads and technical applications, from polyester. Also, ring spun polyester yarns for knitting and weaving, and embroidered products. Technical information. Part of the Tolaram Group.

  R. A. Irwin Co., Ltd (United Kingdom) :. Needlepunch and stitchbond fabrics for furnishing, automotive, apparel, footwear and luggage, and geotechnical applications, from polyester, polypropylene and blends. Also, jacquard woven furnishing fabrics.

  Runyuan Warp Knitting Machinery Co., Ltd (China) : Diversified manufacturing company, active in machinery, textiles and nonwovens. Stitchbond fabrics for furnishing and technical applications. Also, warp knitted fabrics, and stitchbond and warp knitting machinery. English and Chinese.

  Sakai Group (Japan) : Manufacturers of woven, knitted and nonwovens stitchbond fabrics for composite applications, from a range of high-performance fibers. Detailed descriptions of products and manufacturing processes. English and Japanese.

  Scotia Co (USA) : Stichbond nonwoven fabrics for industrial, hygiene and home use purposes.

  Seartex Wagener GmbH (Germany) : Stitchbond fabrics, products and composite structures for civil engineering, construction, automotive and aerospace, ship building and sports goods applications, from glassfiber, carbon, aramid and blends. English, German and French.

  Superior Fabrics, Inc (USA) : Stitchbond fabrics for backing and lining, upholstery and home furnishing, and cold process roofing applications.

  Texno Srl (Italy) : Custom designed and manufactured stitchbond fabrics for accessories, packaging, construction, medical, automotive and industrial applications. Coating, backing and specialty finishing services.

  Trevos Kostalov, Sro (Czech Republic) : Stitchbond fabrics for technical, home furnishing and cleaning purposes. Also, polypropylene staple fiber for the textile and nonwovens industries.

  Wellington New Material Co., Ltd (China) : Diversified textiles and nonwovens manufacturing company. Stitchbond fabrics for a wide range of technical, industrial and consumer products applications. Also, woven fabrics for composite reinforcement, from carbon and glass fiber, and geogrids. English and Chinese.

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