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  Acolam, Inc (Canada) : Versatile company, involved in laminating of a wide variety of rigid and non-rigid materials for industrial, medical, technical and consumer products applications. Laminating of leathers, and textile and nonwoven fabrics for upholstery, footwear, garments and fashion accessories, luggage, geotechnical and technical markets. Also, custom anti-bacterial and anti-fungal treatments, and distributors of textile adhesives.

  Advanced Coating & Converting Systems, Inc (USA) : Hot-melt coating, laminating and converting services for the nonwovens, automotive, industrial product assembly, and custom packaging industries.

  Alpha Associates, Inc (USA) : Coating and laminating of textile fabrics for thermal insulation, marine, welding, building and automotive applications. Detailed product catalog, including technical information and specifications.

  Archer Rubber Co (USA) : Solvent based polymer coating and laminating of woven and knitted technical fabrics for liferaft and slide products in military, industrial and commercial markets.

  Beckmann Converting, Inc (USA) : Precision ultrasonic and hot-melt laminating of woven and knitted fabrics, nonwovens and polymer films for consumer, healthcare, environmental, filtration and industrial products and applications, and safety apparel. Technical information. Links to related sites.

  Beckwith Bemis, Inc : Custom coated and laminated fabrics for a wide range of industrial and consumer products applications. Also, polymer films, adhesives and hot-melt adhesive coatings for textiles and nonwovens.

  Beckwith Bemis, Inc (Canada) : Vertically integrated company, involved in custom and toll coating and laminating of extruded polymer films onto paper, nonwovens, and woven and knitted fabrics. Part of ADS, Inc.

  Bobet (France) : High-performance rubber coating of natural and chemical fabrics for applications in protective clothing. Custom development services. Detailed listing of capabilitites. List of agents.

  Buckeye Fabric Finishing Co (USA) : Water, mildew, and flame resistant coating and finishing of cotton, polyester and blended fabrics for the agricultural, construction, recreation, transportation and speciality retail industries. Also, commercial textile testing services.

  CBC Coating, Inc (USA) : Custom and toll coating of paper, board, films and non-wovens with water based coatings. Also, high-speed drum slitting and winding, roll packaging and off-line embossing services.

  Centennial Fabrics, Ltd (India) : Single and double sided custom coating, embossing and finishing of natural, synthetic and blended fabrics for apparel, medical, furnishing, and bags and luggage applications. Also, PVC coated tarpaulins, and laminating facilities for woven and knitted, and nonwoven fabrics.

  CFM Srl (Italy) : Manufacturers of thermo-resin treated metallic foils for hot stamping and special effect printing of textile fabrics, and genuine and artificial leathers. English and Italian.

  Chase Corp (USA) : Diversified manufacturing company, active in the wire and cable, specialty chemicals, bridge construction, advanced converting, and electronics industries. Coating and laminating of flexible laminates, engineered textiles and composites. Technical information.

  Cleveland Laminating Corp - Custom industrial fire-retardent laminates, on aluminum foil, textile fabric, kraft paper, scrim reinforcing, non-wovens and plastic film substrates.

  Coating Applications Group (United Kingdom) :. Polyurethane (PU) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) coating of high-performance technical fabrics for weatherproof garments, sports equipment and industrial applications. Part of the Allied Textiles Group.

  Cushion By Design, Inc (USA) : Custom latex, silicone and aqueous or non-aqueous polymer coating on urethane materials, textiles and nonwovens for cushioning and filtration applications.

  Custom Laminations, Inc (USA) : Custom laminating of textile fabrics and wall coverings in residential, commercial and institutional interiors.

  DAF Products, Inc (USA) : Coating and laminating of woven and nonwoven fabrics, and films and foils for recreational, healthcare, marine, covering, apparel and aerospace applications. Product specifications. List of trade shows.

  Dal-Bac Manufacturing Company, Inc (USA) : Coating, laminating, fusing, narrow web printing, slitting and die cutting services for the textile industry.

  Darmstädter GmbH (Germany) : Coating, laminating, impregnation and wet finishing of technical textiles and nonwovens for a wide range of high-performance applications.

  Dela, Inc (USA) : Custom textile laminating, coating, finishing and component fabrication services for the footwear, automotive and orthopedic equipment industries.

  Dickson Group (France) : Group of textile manufacturing companies, specialised in laminated and PVC coated technical fabrics for transportation, architectural structures, awnings and leisure, and advertising applications. Part of the Glen Raven Group. Multi-lingual site.

  Dura Group (Canada) : Diversified group of companies, active in industrial and consumer products, textiles and converting services. Custom coating, laminating and quilting of textile fabrics. Also, converters of papers, nonwovens, textiles and polymer films.

  Duracote Corp (USA) : Coating of technical and high-performance fabrics for automotive and transportation, aerospace, marine, noise and static control, window treatment, and tent and awning applications. Detailed technical product information.

  Enercon Industries Corp (USA) : Design and manufacture of atmospheric plasma systems for surface treatment of difficult-to-treat polymers, foils, wovens, nonwovens, metals, fibers and powders.

  Entremonde Polycoaters, Ltd (India) : Coating, laminating and vacuum forming of a variety of fabrics for garment and footwear, protective covering, luggage, and military applications. Also, printing, embossing and finishing services. Part of the Khetan Group.

  Euroma Spa (Italy) : Polyurethane and PVC coating of cotton, linen and viscose fabrics for upholstery, clothing and footwear applications. Printing, lacquering, embossing and laminating services.

  Excello Fabric Finishers, Inc (USA) : Textile finishing company, specialised in saturation and knife coating and specialty finishing of a wide range of natural, synthetic and blended textile and nonwoven fabrics for tents, awnings, tarpaulins, ground and seat covers, and waterbags in military and commercial applications. Also, commercial custom fabric testing services.

  Fabric Laminating, Inc (USA) : Fabric to natural vinyl laminating for upholstery, table cloth and shade fabrics.

  Fabrite Laminating Corp (USA) : Industrial laminators of woven and nonwoven fabrics into fluid-proof, breathable moisture barriers for a variety of uses in the health care industry

  Ferguson Polycom, Ltd (United Kingdom) :. Manufacturers of elastomer coated fabrics for rainwear and fashion, industrial and military applications. Also, custom rubber compounding services. Part of the Fothergill Group.

  Fiberflon, Ltd (Turkey) : Teflon and silicone rubber coating and finishing of technical fabrics for food, textile, filtration, packaging, plastics, electronics and abrasive products applications. Detailed product catalog, with technical information and specifications.

  FiberMark Red Bridge International, Ltd (United Kingdom) :. Manufacturers and converters of coated papers and textiles for decorative coverings in the bookbinding, stationery, packaging, pattern book and security markets. Part of FiberMark, Inc.

  Flexfirm Products, Inc (USA) : Custom vinyl and neoprene coating of textile fabrics for technical and industrial applications.

  Great Lakes Coating and Laminating, Inc (USA) : Contract hot-melt coating services. Precision slot die coating, stripe coating and backside chilling. Also, sale of circular sample cutters.

  Griffine Enduction (France) : Polyurethane and PVC coating of textile and nonwoven fabrics for furniture, automotive, apparel and footwear, leather goods and technical applications. Part of the Mecaseat Group.

  Hiraoka & Co., Ltd (Japan) : Manufacturers of coated, laminated, dipped and finished polymer fabrics for tents and awnings, architectural structures, signs and banners, geotechnical, marine and automotive upholstery, construction and flexible packaging applications.

  Indutex Gerex (France) : Processors and converters, involved in coating of paper and textile fabrics for consumer, industrial and retail packaging, graphic and technical applications. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information.

  IQ Textiles Group (United Kingdom) :. Group of textile companies, specialised in coating and laminating of protective, waterproof and breathable fabrics for military, sports and workwear, ducting, equestrian products and tenting applications. Extensive technical information.

  Italplastic Industriale SpA (Italy) : Textile enobling company, specialised in coating, laminating, bonding and processing of woven and knitted, and nonwoven fabrics, and genuine and artificial leathers.

  JB Broadley (United Kingdom) :. Coating of high-performance technical textiles for apparel and footwear, military, automotive, medical and industrial applications.

  Johnson Laminating & Coating, Inc (USA) : Custom coating and laminating of plastic films, textiles and nonwovens, foils and paper for applications in industrial, transportation, aerospace, electronics and graphic arts markets. Technical information.

  Jong Jin Textile Co., Ltd (Taiwan) : Textile ennobling company, specialised in PVC and polyurethane coating of waterproof and breathable fabrics for sports and performance wear applications. Also, supply and custom sourcing of yarn and piece dyed, solid and mesh woven and knitted fabrics, and a range of cap accessories and finished garments. Technical information.

  Kek-Kaschierungen GmbH (Germany) : Diversified company, involved in laminating and stamping of textiles, nonwovens, foils and paper for automotive components, upholstery, clothing and footwear materials, toys and sports equipment. Also, commercial sewing operation, and manufacturers of electrically heated blankets, pillows, foot warmers and shoe driers.

  Kobond New Materials Co., Ltd (China) : Manufacturers of coated textile fabrics and membranes for signage, tents and coverage, inflatable products, geotechnical and architectural structure applications, from polyester. Technical information and fabric specifications.

  Lacote SA (France) : PVC coating of technical and industrial fabrics. Also, custom coating services.

  Lamart Corp (USA) : Custom coating and laminating for the film, paper, fabric, foil and foam based industries, specialising in pressure sensitive and heat seal adhesive technologies.

  Laminatech SA (Turkey) : Manufacturers of hot-melt laminated fabrics for protective and industrial apparel, medical and sports wear applications. Also, tricot and jersey knitted stretch fabrics for garment interlining. Technical information and FAQ. Part of Sude Artificial Leather Co.

  Laminating Coating Technologies, Inc (USA) : Textile finishing company, specialised in custom coating and laminating of flexible barrier fabrics for hot-air balloons, inflatable structures, automotive components, protective wear, water containers, marine gear and breathable textile products.

  Lintec Corp (Japan) : Manufacturers of adhesive tapes, papers and films for seals and labels, packaging, construction, automotive, semiconductor manufacturing, and healthcare applications. Casting papers for artificial leather manufacturing. English and Japanese.

  Lucky International (India) : Textile processing company, involved in PVC, polyurethane and acrylic coating and laminating of fabrics for inflatables, awnings, tarpaulins, medical adhesive tapes, luggage and bags, and industrial applications. Also, suppliers of ready-made products. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information.

  Manufacturas Industriales de Tortella SA (Spain) : Textile processing company, specialised in textile fabric on polymer film lamination for mattress protection and technical textile applications.

  MarChem Coated Fabrics, Inc (USA) : Custom coating, treatments and laminating of fabrics and polymer films for a wide range of industrial applications. Part of Dash Multi-Corp, Inc.

Masureel Group (Belgium) : Group of yarn and textile processing companies. Dyeing and coating of fabrics for apparel, technical and medical applications.

  Mehler Texnologies GmbH (Germany) : Technical coating of fabrics for printing, awnings and tarpaulins, marine, tents and textile structures, environmental and industrial applications. Part of the Mehler Group.

  Middlesex Research Manufacturing Co., Inc (USA) : Industrial coating and laminating, and continuous web flocking services. Also, custom slitting and sheeting, prototyping and short run manufacturing. Contract, toll and trial coating services.

  MPI Technologies, Inc (USA) : Development and manufacture of electron beam and ultra-violet curing for silicone release liners, functional and decorative topcoats, vacuum metallization and multi-layer laminations for paper, polymer film, nonwovens and specialty substrates. Also, toll coating and laminating services. Technical information, conversion tables and formulas, and downloadable roll calculator.

  Narcote, Inc (USA) : Commission coating and laminating of woven and knitted fabrics for active wear, protective garments and accessories, healthcare, bedding and furnishing applications. Product specifications. Part of North American Corp.

  Neks Sp. zoo (Poland) : Manufacturers of polyurethane foam laminated textile and nonwoven fabric composites for upholstery, automotive, construction, footwear and apparel accessories applications. Technical information. Multi-lingual site.

  Nextec Srl (Italy) : Design, development and manufacture of patented three-dimensionally laminated waterproof and breathable fabric composites for footwear, gloves and leather apparel. Technical information. Calendar of events. Multi-lingual site.

  Nildatex SA (Argentina) : Manufacturers of woven and PVC coated fabrics for transport and logistics, industrial, architectural, signage and recreational applications. Technical information and specifications.

  Pak-Lite, Inc (USA) : Custom laminating of nonwovens and foam products. Also, in-line extrusion coating to finished die cut parts for medical, automotive, marine and industrial applications.

  Palos Co., Ltd (Taiwan) : Textile processing company, specialised in moisture permeable and waterproof polymer film bonding of fabrics for apparel and fashion, and military, medical and performance wear applications.

  Pharetra GmbH (Germany) : Textile processing company, active in polymer coating, and flame, wet, adhesive and ultrasonic laminating of technical fabrics for medical, automotive, sports, personal protection and furniture applications. Also, industrial tapes. List of distributors.

  Plastibert NV (Belgium) : Textile processing company, specialised in vinyl and polyurethane transfer coating, printing and embossing of woven and knitted fabrics for mattress protection, furniture, protective clothing, sports articles and leather goods. Calendar of events. List of world wide agents. Part of the Mecaseat Group.

  Polymade ITT GmbH (Germany) : Coating of fibers, and technical and architectural fabrics. Extensive technical information.

  Porvair PLC (United Kingdom) :. Development and manufacture of high-performance waterproof and breathable membranes for fabrics and leathers for outdoor active wear, from polyurethane polymers. Also, printing blankets.

  Precision Custom Coatings, LLC (USA) : Custom coating of nonwoven and knitted fabrics for the apparel and protective clothing, automotive, healthcare, footwear, luggage and food packaging industries.

  Rolf Kazmaier GmbH (Germany) : Textile and nonwoven fabric coating and laminating services for the apparel and medical industries, and for a range of technical textile products. 

  Roysons Corp (USA) : Printing, coating and laminating services for wallpapers, textile fabrics, synthetic membranes, blinds and curtains, mattress ticking fabrics and tarpaulins. Technical information.

  SCC Solutions for Coating & Composites GmbH (Germany) : Custom development and manufacture of specialty coated and laminated glass fiber and aramid fabrics, and extruded foils. Also, nanotechnology surface refinement, conveyor belt fabrication, and textile architecture consultancy and project management.

  Schoeller Technologies AG (Switzerland) : Science company, involved in the development and licencing of specialty treatment processes for textiles which achieves water, dirt and stain repellancy on the outside, and moisture absorbency and transportation on the inside. Technical information, 3D presentation and FAQ. Links to licencee companies.

  Shawmut Corp (USA) : Coating, lamination and specialty treatment services of textile fabrics, nonwovens, polymer films and foam for automotive, medical, protective and performance wear, military, hospitality, and filtration applications. Technical information and specifications.

  Sierra Coating Technologies, LLC (USA) : Coating and laminating of papers, polymer films and nonwovens for printing, packaging and consumer product applications. Contract and custom pilot manufacturing services.

  SI-KA-TEC Engineering Coating GmbH (Germany) : Silicon, polyurethane, neoprene and fluorcarbon rubber coating of high-performance textile fabrics for applications in bellows, compensators, hoses, protective clothing, conveyor belts and insulation. Descriptions of coating materials.

  Sioen Industries Group (Belgium) : Multi-national company. Coating of textile fabrics for apparel, and industrial and technical products. Also, master batches, and pigment pastes and granules. On-line job offerings.

  Sixup Corp (Taiwan) : Laminating, coating and backing of polyester, polyamide and olefin fabrics for upholstery, furnishing, sportswear and leisure products applications. Also, plastic films and sheets for food wrapping, insulation, printing and packaging.

  SO.L.TER. Srl (Italy) : Custom and standard polyurethane solvent and solvent-free coating of woven, knitted and nonwoven fabrics, and polymer films and sheets for a wide range of technical and industrial applications.

  Sonatex Group (Canada) : Multi-national group of textile processing companies. Custom laminating and thermocompression molding of breathable and non-breathable membranes and textile fabrics for high-performance apparel and footwear for sports, healthcare, automotive and industrial applications. Technical information.

  The Specialty Group Pty., Ltd (Australia) : Coating and laminating of textile fabrics for military, medical, filtration, apparel, furnishing and industrial applications.

  Stedfast, Inc (Canada) : Industrial coating and laminating technologies for textile, construction, medical care, marine and protective products applications.

  Stottrop Textil GmbH (Germany) : Specialty coating of technical glas fiber and synthetic fabrics for architectural, flame-retardent, printing, barrier, medical, industrial and leisure products applications.

  Technical Coating International, Inc (USA) : Converting company, involved in coating, laminating, laquering, printing, metallizing and custom slitting of plastic films, papers, textile and nonwoven fabrics and foils.

  Tepas Tekstil, Ltd (Turkey) : Coating and laminating of fabrics for military and technical textiles, and high-performance apparel, from cotton, polyester, polyamide, spandex and blends.

  Texla AB (Sweden) : Multi-national group of companies, active in lamination and preparation of textile, nonwoven and artificial leather fabrics and components for the automotive and textile industries. Also, punching and computer piece cutting services.

  Texla NV (Belgium) : Manufacturers of laminated textile, artificial leather, and nonwoven fabrics and components for the automotive industry. Detailed description of manufacturing processes, including animations. Part of Texla AB.

  Thelamco, Inc (USA) : Converting company, specialised in toll coating, laminating and slitting of paper and pulp, polymer film, foam, textile and nonwoven roll goods. List of technical capabilities and machine specifications. Technical brochure on PDF file.

  Tiong Liong Industrial Co., Ltd (Taiwan) : Manufacturers of water- and windproof, and breathable, hot-melt, dot and polyurethane laminated, and coated fabrics for performance apparel and footwear applications. Part of the Nam Liong Group.

  TSG, Inc (USA) : Fabric enhancing services. Chemical saturation, coating and laminating, printing, embossing and mechanical processing of woven and nonwoven fabrics for the contract and home furnishing, medical and apparel industries.

  Uretek, Inc (USA) : Polyurethane coated and laminated fabrics for medical, aerospace, automotive and inflatable products applications.

  Versatile Enterprises Pvt., Ltd (India) : Custom designed and printed, laminated fabrics for the footwear, automotive upholstery and home furnishings industries. Also, artificial furs, and fusible interlinings.

  Vetex NV (Belgium) : Direct and transfer coating, and laminating of woven and knitted fabrics for medical, technical and industrial, and apparel and workwear applications.

  Voack GmbH (Austria) : Bonding and laminating of textile on textile, nonwovens, film or membrane substrates for apparel, footwear, medical, automotive, hygiene and technical applications.

  Xiesheng Textile Co., Ltd (China) : Manufacturers of spray and dot coated, and laminated breathable and waterproof fabrics for apparel, footwear, upholstery, medical and disposable hygiene products applications, with woven, knitted and nonwoven substrates. Also, artificial leathers.

  Zhiteng Household Products Co., Ltd (China) : Diversified group of companies, active in textile processing, ready-made garments and charcoal products. Commission dyeing, printing, coating and laminating of woven and knitted fabrics.  

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