How to Measure Clothing & Fashion Accessories
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Measurements of a garment are very important to both the clothing industry and consumers.  It is the industries job to make sure clothing is produced with accurate measurements and it is important for people shopping for clothing to select the proper sizes that fit their unique body shape and size.

The clothing industry will typically use Tech Packs (technical specification packets or spec sheets) to communicate measurements between the design team to the apparel factory.

Tech packs are essentially a blue print for any manufacturer to price out, create and re-create the product desired. The pattern maker or designer will create a grouping of documents that describe all of the details for the fabric, trims, and stitching information needed to make the garment consistently and at the quality the designer ascertains.  A portion of the tech pack will contain detailed information about the measurements of the clothes and accessories that need to be produced.  It is extremely important that the manufacture follows the proper method for "how to measure".

It is important to note that How to Measure instructions may vary from one company to the next.  Unfortunately, the industry does not have one set of rules that are used by all companies.  If you work in the industry and are passing measurements along to a factory or consumer, it is critical that you also provide information on how you take the measurements.

How to Measure  

How to take body measurements for clothing.

How to take clothing measurements

We will be expanding on this section in the near future..

If you would like to learn more about specification sheets you can join in the discussion at the Fashion Industry Network.  Back in 2007, we had an interesting specification sheet discussion started in the forum, but you are welcome to start a new one as well.

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