The Fitting Room / Conversion Charts for Clothing

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Welcome to the fitting room.  These links can help you select your size before you go to the store.

women's fashion all sizes

Apparel Search unfortunately does NOT guarantee the accuracy of information in this section.  All bodies are different.  Therefore, making garments fit well is a difficult task.  On these pages you will find clothing size reference guides that should be utilized at your own risk.  The standards may have been updated after we posted this page.  Also, their are many different size standards floating around in publication.  It is really hard to determine which guides are most accurate for modern times.  Unfortunately, body types and sizes are continuously changing.  Again, this is just for reference only.  Don't blame us if your garments do not fit properly. Good luck with your sewing projects.

US Standard Clothing Sizes

European Clothing Size Standards EN 13402

Vanity sizing

Petite Sizes

Dress Sizes

Children's Sizes

Infant / Toddler  

Boys  (Regular)

Boys  (Slim)  

Boys  (Husky)

Girls 4-22  (Regular)

Girls 4-22  (Slim)

Girls 7 1/2 - 22 1/2  (Plus)

Shoe sizing chart

Sock Sizes

Zappos Shoe sizing chart

Sewing Information Research

Apparel Search guide to fashion and clothingClothing Size Conversions:

Fit & Sizing Methods for Socks  LegSource  Women's Clothing Conversion (Size Charts)

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It would be a good idea to read the following definitions.

Tailor Definition

Dressmaker Definition

Neckline Definition

Waistline Definition



Fashion Tailor - fitting roomIf you work in the fashion industry and have questions regarding garments sizing and garment fit, don't forget to join in the pattern maker discussion group at the Fashion Industry Network.

If you enjoy sewing clothing, maybe you will be interested in some pattern making books.

Pattern Making Books

If you know of any other helpful sizing chart or conversion information, you can contact us at any time.  We would be happy to add links to additional clothing resources for your convenience.  It is hard to find clothes that fit.

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