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The hemline of a garment is its lower edge.

The hemline is perhaps the most variable style line in fashion, changing shape and ranging in height from the hips to the floor within a few years

Types of hemlines

Similar to necklines and waistlines, hemlines can be group by their height and shape

  • floor-length hemlines

  • ankle hemlines

  • midcalf hemlines

  • below-knee hemlines

  • above-knee hemlines

  • mid-thigh hemlines

  • hip-high hemlines

  • handkerchief hemlines

  • diagonal hemlines

  • other hemlines


In the history of Western fashion, the ordinary public clothes of upper- and middle-class women varied only between floor-length and slightly above ankle-length for many centuries before World War I. Skirts of lower-calf or mid-calf length were associated with the practical working garments of lower-class or pioneer women, while even shorter skirt lengths were seen only in certain specialized and restricted contexts (e.g. sea-bathing costumes, or outfits worn by ballerinas on stage). It was not until the mid-1910s that hemlines began to rise significantly (with many variations in height thereafter). Skirts rose all the way from floor-length to near knee-length in only about fifteen years (from late in the decade of the 1900's to the mid-1920's). From WW1 to roughly 1970, a woman had to wear skirts near their currently-fashionable length or be considered almost hopelessly unstylish, but since the 1970's, women's options have widened, and there is no longer really only one single fashionable skirt-length at a time.






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