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A fashion poll is essentially a survey of the public or a sampling of public opinion to acquire information about a particular issue relevant to fashion or the fashion industry.   Polls can be taken either online or offline.

What is the most difficult aspect of starting a fashion company?

What is the most important aspect when selecting a clothing factory?

How would you describe the majority of buyers you have worked with? (this question is for sales people)

What is your favorite textile fiber for clothing?

Do you prefer natural fibers or man-made fibers better?

Should white be worn before Memorial Day?

Who is your favorite fashion designer or fashion brand?

What is your favorite type of swimwear?

Should school dress codes require uniforms?

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

What is your favorite fashion store?

Do you prefer shopping in a department store or fashion boutique?

Do you prefer to shop in a store or online for clothing?

Does country of origin of the clothing influence your buying decision?

When purchasing clothing does the brand matter?

Should wedding dresses always be white?

Are fashion industry employment services (employment agencies) beneficial to employers?

Are fashion industry employment services (employment agencies) beneficial to employees?

Should t-shirts ever cost more then one hundred dollars?

Do you have suggestions for other polls?  That question, is not one of our polls.  That is just a question...

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