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Welcome to the Women's Fashion Review website.  The purpose of this clothing site is to guide consumers with their purchasing decisions that are relevant to clothing and fashion accessories for women.  
Similar to fashion polls, fashion reviews can help shoppers weed out less desirable product before making their official purchase.  Utilizing reviews prior to making shopping decisions helps consumers of fashion make more informed selections.  In theory, making an "informed" decision will guide shoppers to purchase product that will ultimately make them happy. 
A review is essentially an evaluation of a product or service.  When reading reviews on this site or any other, it is important for consumers to understand the difference between consumer reviews, expert reviews, bought reviews, puff pieces etc.  The Women's Fashion Review website, always suggest that you fully investigate the source and type of a review so that you can properly calculate the merit that should be assigned to a particular review.  Certainly, you would assign a higher amount of merit or validity to a review that came from a personal friend.  Unfortunately, when making purchases, we do not always have a friend to contact.  Therefore, it is a good idea to read several reviews, grade them according to various factors of merit, and then make your shopping decisions accordingly.
The Women's Fashion Review website assists consumers of women's apparel.  However, it is very important to note that reviewing women's fashion is not as easy as it sounds.  Other products such as cars have aspects that are rather easy to evaluate.  For example, a car may be reviewed based on how many miles the car can drive per gallon of gas.  This is determined by a particular scientific formula and testing.  Unfortunately, women's clothing reviews have more complexity.
Difficulty of reviewing women's fashion:

When reviewing fashion for women, one of the primary issues to evaluate would be the "fit" of the clothing (how the clothes fit the wearer).  Certainly, the fit is not the only category to evaluate when judging clothes.  However, fit in our opinion is one of the most critical aspects to consider when purchasing a garment.  The tricky (complex) part of the equation when evaluating clothing for ladies is the fact that most women are not built exactly as a fit model.   Nor are they built exactly like one another.  For example, if you have ten women try on the same size medium blouse, you will most likely have ten completely different opinions in regard to the fit of the blouse.  Although each women may typically wear a size medium, it is very probable that they have different body measurements from one another.  One women may say that the blouse fits too tightly at the chest. Another women may say the blouse is too loose.  The same blouse may have sleeves that are too long for some or too short for others.  My point is that although one person's opinion is that the fit is horrible, it does not mean that the fit is horrible for everyone else.  Therefore, reviewing fit via peer reviews is rather challenging.

Here are a few places you can go find women's fashion reviews.
Amazon Reviews: As part of the Amazon.com Community, you can submit written or video reviews for any product listed on Amazon.com to help other customers make purchase decisions.  If you go to any of the product pages, you can browse down the page to see if that product has any reviews.  Try the women's clothing section.

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It is important to note that reviews are "opinions".  Reviews can not and should not be taken as fact.  Review websites typically do NOT have a full proof screening process.  In addition, one person's opinion of an identical product may vary from another person's opinion.
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As you are aware, reviews are often used for books, hotels, movies, cars, etc.  However, this review website does NOT offer information regarding book reviews, hotel reviews, movie reviews or car reviews.  The only issue of interest to our company are fashion reviews. More specifically, our information is primarily to help evaluate fashion items in the womenswear market.
4 and a half star fashion review

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4 and a half star fashion review

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